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Hi guys just wondering if anyone's symptoms are hot burning sensation over there body! I've had so many tests done and my doc says it's anxiety! Ive now been on antidepressants for the last 4 weeks which has help settled the burning down! I just can't wrap my head around it as it seems to be there on and off everyday! Doesn't matter what I'm doing and I don't feel stressed just won't seem to go away!? I'm now seeing a psychologist and she seems to think its my adrenaline pumping through my body!? I don't know! Can any one relate!?


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  • Have to say i've not had this symptom but then that doesn't mean it's not anxiety. the tablets seem to be at least partially working and now you need to do the rest and accept it is anxiety especially as all the tests have come back negative.


  • If she thinks it's too much Adrenaline doesn't that indicate that you need a Beta blocker to co trol it ?

    Maybe you need a 24hr urine test to test your Adrenal gland.

    See your doctor again...or see another one !!!

  • Did the doctor give you a blood test ? It's possible you could have an infection somewhere in the body.

    If not, then they are not much good as a doctor..trouble us they just don't have time...or money..

    Insist on a blood test, you need to know if your 'fighter cells' levels are up in which case they will be fighting an infection.

  • Yes I can like a very hot flush yes it's anxioty here are my tips

    For starters it can't hurt you

    Try deep breathing

    Get plenty of sleep

    Get Exersise ( not wights) running or walking

    Go to the gym to burn it off

    Read about it understand that it's in our heads

    Drink lots of warter


    Talking to a close friend helps

    Understand anxioty is half the problem

  • Hi. Sorry to hear about how your feeling. I can sympathise as my husband suffers from anxiety and depression amongst other things and I'm his carer. He also had the burning sensation along with tingling and still gets it sometimes. He saw numerous doctors etc and in the end it comes down to anxiety. There are many different phases it seems with anxiety and this is one of them . Often it settles down for a while but then may come back. For him antidepressants were not enough he also has to take lorezapam which seems to tackle anxiety the best. Not huge doses just a half a tablet or 1 if really bad and this did the trick. I know that talking things through also helps but sometimes you just need to take something extra for a while to be able to get on .

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Regards .


  • Hi Rita

    Thanks for the reply :) I also was very depressed because of the burning! And yes I get the tingling too! It's not a pleasant feeling as you would know! I have diazepam there to take if it gets to bad- which takes it away! Along with lexapro which is helping! Just so over it and hope one day it will go away!

  • Have you ever tried CBT for anxiety management?

  • Yeah I've had blood tests done, CT scan and I'm booked in for an MRI at the end of the month! Blood test and MRI are normal! I've been pretty stressed the last couple of months so doc really thinks its anxiety- Bigguy I think your right! I found another anxiety sight and a few people have the same symptoms! I know they won't find anything when I have the MRI! So will just have to except it!!

  • I have the same symptoms. And burning eyes. What drugs did they give you?

  • Hello :) my eyes feel like there stinging too when the burning is bad!! I'm taking lexapro/ I've been on them for 4 weeks now which has settled the burning! It's still there but not as bad now!

  • It's so funny, I came in here today to post about the very same thing! My right arm has been burning every time I have a panic attack I've been checked for my heart, it's fine for a stroke, also fine. I was actually going to the doctor today for a blood test and panic so bad before hand I couldn't even make my appointment.

  • Yes it's a horrible feeling! I've had my heart tested too and all good! The panic attack brings it on!! But it seems to come and go all the time now- even when relaxed!? Nerve relaxants work like diazepam/ vallam but there a short term fix as there addictive! Talk to your doc about anxiety meds as they can help!

  • They gave me Ativan last time I went to the ER for a panic attack. They seem to work for a while the burning would go away but then as soon as it wears off it's back. And I don't want to take too much out of van and get addicted.

  • Atyivan not out of the van LOL voice to text

  • Yeah I'm the same. Don't want to take them! I will though if I have a bad attack!! But I haven't since starting the lexapro! I've been to the ER a few times myself and they just look at u like your crazy!! I'm seeing a mental health worker now! Your doc should be able to find someone you can speak too/ help manage your panic attacks!

  • That is my next step I have an appointment on the 20th. Here's hoping he can do something.

  • That's good! Hope your feeling better soon! If you ever feel like a chat u can inbox me :)

  • Thanx so much! I just might take you up on that! This arm burning is drivin me nuts. Lol

  • Hi there... I feel the burning sensation over my body but sometime it's a cool/burning feeling. It's your anxieties.

  • Mine not a cool feeling! Feels like sunburn! It's horrible!!!

  • I've just looked it up... It's called hot flashes... So it's related in the same family as the sunburn or cooling/hot sensation. But, I hope that you feel well soon.

  • Yeah I've done some research myself- the got feeling can be mild to extreme..

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