heart flutters went back now they're back

so my heart flutters basiclly went for about a week, but ever since the other night when i woke up at about half 4 in the morning to get a drink i started to get them again and ever since then ive had them on and off, nowhere near as bad as they were a few weeks ago but they're back and im gutted because i thought i was past all of this i honestly thought i beat it, and i was getting my normal life back. i feel awful now in myself awell. also my breathing is dodgy on and off, sometimes it feels like im bloated when im breathing, or i cant catch a full breathe or not getting enough air, ive had my heart monitor fitted today which is making me more anxoius knowing somethings tracking my heart. i dont know i just hope this is all anxity like everyone says but im just scared its something worse.


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  • Hey 👋 I know exactly the bloated feeling . It really sucks . I'm making a specialist appointment . I was in the er this morning I feel like I have the flu 😷 anxiety is flaring up my heart ❤️ rate was like 120

  • You'll be ok . That's what I keep telling myself even though in my head I'm always convinced I'm dying

  • i dont get how they can come back on when im not even fucking axnoius like

  • One thing I was told by the dr is that you might not feel anxious but you really can be

  • I'm literally having the same thing right now. First time. It's terrifying. I rarely have health related anxiety but man, this is scary.

  • errivbr4678778, this anxiety symptom returned even though you're not feeling anxious because there is still some residual over sensitisation of your nervous system. If you just accept the flutters for the moment without adding more fear to your nerves they will eventually start to behave themselves.

  • im trying but sometimes they will happen every beat for about 5 seconds untill i cough or something, it doesnt seem like anxity

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