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Stomach issues


I posted regarding severe anxiety a few days ago and I was very grateful for the replies I received.

I wonder if anyone had any advice on stomach issues? My stomach hurts every single day without fail and I don't mean just uncomfortable I mean eating is a constant battle, I'm so nauseous I often head to loo convinced I am going to vomit any minute several times a day. It's often really burning and acidic in my stomach and throat also, especially if I've gone too long without food. I have had some tests stool for trace amounts of blood , h-pylori both negative. Ive taken a weeks worth of nexium stopped after that as it made me feel worse. I take occasional Zantac and quite often gaviscon. Doc doesn't seem too concerned - chalks it up to severe anxiety and gives iv zofran and nexium any time I've been in (maybe 3 times in 7months) the problem is its having a really terrible effect on all aspects of my life - I've become very agoraphobic because of the nausea, my children are suffering because mum never feels 'well' I can't get past thinking there is something seriously wrong with me - yet I'm too terrified to have an endoscopy (emetophobia) they once prepped me for one with a horses dose of sedation and all that happened is I became more wired and more agitated and they cancelled the procedure. My family are obviously losing patience - my mum and husband will say this has been going on so long and nothing has 'happened' it's just you saying you are in pain - no evidence of dangerous symptoms? They say my weightloss is of course lack of food and my symptoms are simply responding to the ridiculously high level of constant anxiety.

Is it really possible for anxiety alone to be responsible for making you feel so so ill?


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Have you tried omeprazole ( Prilosec, that's the only heartburn med that seems to work. I take the over the counter nausea med liquid which has seemed to help my nausea. I also deal with almost daily nausea and stomach issues, I hate it. I

Hi have you been diagnosed with IBS? I have IBS which is anxiety related. Keep a food diary and look at FODMAP. I take mebeverine 3 times a day before main meals. Also counselling has helped x

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