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Stomach issues and anxiety.

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Hey all! I’ve been struggling with my anxiety for a little over 3 months (always had it but it’s just worse right now). For ober a week now I’ve had constant diarrhea all day long. Went to the doctor and she said it’s from stress and anxiety. Anyone else ever experienced this? Thanks!

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Indeed I have suffered this. Have been extra careful with diet and timing when I eat if I need to go out. Immodium helped but managed without it for the first time today.

Know my gut flora was destroyed by antibiotics but the susequent anxiety and depression has been a long and hard journey of six months.

I have a long way to go as fear being out of control with needing a toilet urgently. Thankfully the urgency has gone touch wood, but the knotting in my upper abdomen is still there and it is hard to accept this is anxiety, as I sat work in progress.

Good luck.

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It’s so frustrating and painful! It’s every 2-3 hours. Feels like everything I used to be able to eat is now off limits. I’m so hungry and my anxiety gets even worse when I haven’t eaten enough that day. Anxiety is the worst!

Is yours everyday and all day as well? What are some foods that work for your stomach? I am going to try some Imodium tonight.

Thank you and good luck to you as well!

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Forestina in reply to CEBGSU

Yes it can be so painful and sore. Unlike you however I had no appetite, in fact food made me heave. I stil have no appetite as my diet us so bland although I have managed to reintroduce some foods.

Basically I went lactose free and cut out all sugars. Sugars were so hard as they are hidden everywhere and also I struggle to get more than 1300 calories a day so have lost weight.

What really worked was very slowly introducing more green vegetables especially spinach but this may have the reverse effect. Bananas worked for me and apart from very small easy peelers were the only fruit. Apples in any form wee a disaster and bananas cannot be overripe. Plain oats were good too and toast. Just plain chicken and white fish and fortunate eggs were ok for me. Just water to drink.

Everyone is different though and I wouldn't tackle veg at this stage but when you do later, carrots are good. Anything however needs to be well cooked.

It isn't an especially nice diet but When I reminded myself of the consequences it kept me going and thankfully I can now manage one square of dark chocolate as a treat. Nothing lasts forever even though the exclusions did seem to.

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CEBGSU in reply to Forestina

Thank you, I’ve started a food log and am writing down every time I need to use the bathroom. Right now it’s looking like sugar, fatty foods, and some carbs are upsetting my stomach. This is so frustrating and painful. Just another way anxiety has disrupted my life.

Yes anxiety can cause all kinds of stomach issues including diarrhea, constant urination, upset stomach, and it can flip flop back n forth from loose to constipated. I have definitely experienced this.

Starting on week 2. It wasn’t painful before, now it hurts and is very hard to deal with at work as I am a teacher and can’t always leave my room..

Sadly I had it on and off for years. It's part of the package. The gut is the "second" brain.

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CEBGSU in reply to Indigojoe

It’s painful and annoying!

Have you started any new medications recently for your anxiety? I reacted badly with diarrhea to both Sertraline (Zoloft in USA) & Cipralex ---- both SSRI drugs. After various tests this turned out to be Microscopic Colitis (which is known to be sometimes caused by SSRI's). It's been easily treated by medication, but I had the diarrhea for 6 months before my diagnosis. Worth mentioning to your doctor, if yours continues to be a problem & if you are taking the drugs I mentioned.

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CEBGSU in reply to jencan

No, I was prescribed lexapro but haven’t started taking it yet because of these stomach problems!

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Dogdoo in reply to jencan

Jencan i was diagnosed with lymphocyt8c colitis years ago and have never come across anyone else that had it ever!

Not the best thing to have in common though. Lol

Mine is very well managed now but getting the diagnosis was a long and painful journey.

Kept being told it was IBS or lactose intolerance etc.

Hope you stay feeling well!!

I think you are doing amazingly well to carry on teaching. I am a tutor and am seriously thinking of giving up the few pupils I have. This is just adding to the stress, I feel like a rabbit in the headlights.

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