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Hi all. Can someone explain what issues they experience coz of anxiety. When I stand up at work it feels like my stomach is still in my chair, if that makes sense. Hard to explain it really other than that. I had a urine test recently and the doctor had a good old prod at my stomach and all was fine. I think I have ibs as a result of anxiety ands know this can cause problems with stomach so was wondering what else people have. I get pains, constant rumbling,I have changed diet recently which has massively effected my stools too. I know these can all be factors. I've started eating a lot of chicken and rice and fruit. Basically all I eat. Any advice would be welcomed as quite worried right now :)


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  • So all of my anxiety goes to my gut. I am actually reading a book about how your brain affects your gut. your thoughts everything. I have had Pelvic internal ultra sound, complete CBC including enzymes and liver and kidney and also just had a CT scan and all normal.

    I am currently talking with a GI on health tap and he is telling me due to all negative exams I should be rest assured that it is anxiety but to eat more probiotics, cut out milk and peanuts and maybe flour. I have a lot of undigested food in my stool so that is a digestion issue which is also related to anxiety.

    However I do have a doctors appointment at the end of the month as well! So yes I have major stomach problems and my GP is confident it is anxiety!

  • I have been having a 'feeling of dread' nearly every morning which is akin to being told someone has died.

    I have been told it is anxiety also although it is a new edition to it if it is!

    I am hearing more and more about the emotion and gut connection in fact 95% of serotonin is found there (I think).

    Could you tell me the name of the book you are reading please.

    Thank you.

  • Yes I can but of course I am at work. It is at my house! I will let you know. I also bought an anxiety book! I will send them both along

  • Thanks very much.

  • Hi it is called the mind gut connection

  • Thank you.😃

  • Hi I have anxiety and IBS. Have a look at FODMAP which highlights foods that can be problematic for someone with IBS. Keep a food diary to keep track too. I take medication to manage mine too as well as counselling as the anxiety/stress are linked. There is also an IBS group on here that you may find helpful. You may have food sensitivities to wheat and dairy etc x

  • At the moment I get a lot of feelings of being spaced out and dizzy sensations which I then panic about. Had counselling today and she suggested when those feelings arise to hold my breath for 20 secs then a big breath out as the dizzy feeling can be that of hyperventilating and too much oxygen x

  • yeah the GI recommended I keep a food diary!

  • Well I was never diagnosed by a doc with ibs but after reading about it and seeing what others say about ibs I feel like I have ibs for sure. My stomach is constantly doing wierd things. Growling, burning sensations, my stools go from loose to constipation, upset stomach, bubbly, nausea.

  • Because of my anxiety (add the depression and the OCD to it), I have SEVERE stomach problems. Sometimes I cannot put a piece of food in my mind without feeling nauseous, and I feel full with the least amount of food, which obviously fucks me up later when I need energy.

    My anxiety really hit me in 2015, and from April to October of that same year, I couldn't even eat. Sometimes I survived the day with only an apple and a couple of vitamin pills. It went away, but in August 2017 it came back, and I couldn't get out of bed because all I could feel was nausea and dizziness. That lasted till October, maybe. It has come back a couple of times since then, and I still don't know how to deal with it: I get really hopeless and depressed.

    Now, I have good days and bad days. At times, not only do I have stomachache, but I have severe headaches and short of breathing.

    So, yeah, anxiety does that to me.

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