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Stomach issues or anxiety


Hi all I’ve struggled with anxiety in and off for the last 15ys! Recently I have been having stomach issues and that had caused my anxiety to come back in full force! Had bloodwork done and everything came back normal and they think it’s my anxiety causing my stomach issues! I just can’t believe it , never had this kind of anxiety before where it effects my stomach! My symptoms are nausea, gas, frequent burping, poop was weird looking, no appetite what so ever , have to force myself to eat! Any insight from anyone? I can’t take it anymore! I’m so over it!

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Omg the same here now o have all them symptoms along with nausea and I'm sick of it I've had bloods sept took good turn after pill injecton which I think starts it back to square one got stomach scan tomorrow and I've lost stone so waiting on urgent magic eye spent last 2 days crying not good and I feel same like I did when I was at my worst sorry your feeling like that wouldn't wish worst enemy x

Hi thanks for responding! I’m sorry your feeling this way too! What do your docs think? ....anxiety? It’s so depressing isn’t it? Everyone tells me it’s because I focus on it but it’s like how can you not when you’re not feeling well?? Not to mention I have no appetite at all and have to force myself to eat! How you get some answers soon! Keep me posted if you think of it! 💜

I have the same thing & have for years. Yesterday after eating had this awful feeling of fainting & ache in my chest thought I was dying. I have tried everything over the years that I have had this stomach problem 7 loads of tests but all normal. just hate all this

I’m sorry, I feel for you! Especially since you’ve been dealing with this for years! I can’t imagine!

Do the docs think it’s anxiety?

I've got the same problem Have had it for a few years. Been laying down on the settee all day crying with the pain. I thought it was due to my Fibromyalgia. But I've had a few Scans and they found Gallstones. Got a Pre Admission Appointment on the 18th of this month. The Consultant told me that he thinks that the Gallbladder is causing a major issue. So they're going to take my Gallbladder out. I never even thought of that .I'll be glad when its out.OOHH. It's really creasing me.....

Have you had any sort of Scans on your stomach.

You could have stones or something like that. Blood tests wouldn't pick anything like that up. I'd mention it to your G.P if I were you. Anxiety can cause your Gallbladder to play up and the pain is.

bloody terrible. Really hate it. It's a vicious circle, Anxiety can make the Gallbladder play up and then the Anxiety gets worse. etc...x

J00diamante in reply to Gjkas

Thanks so much for responding! Ugh can’t imagine what your going through! I don’t have any pain in my stomach, just lots of gas, noise, weird poop, nausea , burping frequently, and it’s giving me anxiety! Haven’t had any scans of stomach but did have bloodwork and stool tests that all came back normal! Hope you feel better ASAP!!

Gjkas in reply to J00diamante

In so glad you haven't got the stomach cramps. It could be Anxiety causing the problem. But if it continues,. even though you're having blood and Poo tests done id still go back to your G.P

and tell them you're not happy with what's going on. Ive got Diverticulitis which doesn't help matters.

There's so many things that can cause Tummy Problems. If the Doctors had listened to me a few years ago, i wouldn't be going through all this now. QUACKS i call them.

Even the Consultants at the hospital are not very happy about the length of time my GPS have allowed it to go on without referring me for a scan.

Hope you feel better soon. 😊.x

I am experiencing the same and my stomach makes noise constantly I have had a blood test and waiting on results of stool test maybe you could ask for that. Peppermint tea is said to help but if its a nervous stomach relating to emotions it will be managing the anxiety through therapy/medication. I do agree its a vicious cycle thats very frustrating! Like you I have had anxiety on and off so heres to hoping this too will pass x

Thanks so much for taking the time out and responding! Means a lot! I did have a stool test done and just got the results yesterday and everything They tested for came back not detected! That’s good I suppose , just wish there was an answer to why my stomach is feeling like this! Anyway the doc said they would do a stool test for h pylori next, I did have that years ago!

I also started seeing a therapist and she recommend trying lexapro, my doc thought that would be a good fit but like anything I’m scared to take it!!! 😩 Thanks for the peppermint tea recommendation! I may try it! Hope your stomach starts to feel better and your test come back good as well! 💗

Thank you Im still waiting for my results I have a feeling they will be clear which is good but kind of annoying for it to be anxiety. Any health complaint I have seems to be put down to anxiety. I read a book recently that discussed SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) I can relate to the symptoms you may too, it recommended to look into gut flora (good gut bacteria) and try eating more probiotic foods to promote it. Also I read if you have anxiety you will likely have stomach issues, if you have stomach issues you will almost certainly have anxiety, its the brain/gut connection so its like what came first the chicken or the egg lol frustrating! I am probably looking way too far into it but thought Id share anyway. I put medication off for years because the thought of it gave me huge anxiety lol until last week Ive started taking Sertraline as all the waiting list for talking therapies is a couple of months here - best of luck :) X

Sounds like colitis or a mild case of diverticulitis. And pain in the lower left of the abdomen? Was a CT scan done of the abdomen ?

Anxiety causes all that , but you can reassure yourself and see a gastroenterologist or even just your regular doctor , maybe acid reflux , have you tried Prilosec? Once a day an hour before you eat , drink plenty of water, cut caffeine, fried foods and acidic foods like tomatoes , pineapple and such. Eat 5 small meals a day healthy and exercise. I bet it goes away. Practice slow deep breathing. Keep in touch, prayers your way.

J00diamante in reply to Lynl

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I did go to a gastro and she wanted to send me for an endoscopy which I told her I’m too afraid to do , but she said that would check for inflammation, ulcer (which she doesn’t think I have) and a bacterial infection called h p pylori which my stool was already tested for and it was negative! She said we could hold off for now and she thought it could be acid reflux! She gave me a generic of Prilosec to take but I’m scared to take that as well 😩 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

I just can’t see acid reflux causing these symptoms, I mean I know I do have it but can’t seem to believe it’s causing my stomach issues and of course I’m still bugging that I have colon cancer or something! Maybe I should just suck it up and have the endoscopy done, maybe it would put my mind at ease!

Agora1 in reply to J00diamante

Hi JOOdiamante, it's difficult when you already have a diagnosis from yourself.

GERDS can cause many distressing symptoms but so can plain old anxiety. When

we are anxious we tend to swallow a lot of air. When we eat, talk, breathe etc.

I found out when I went to the GI doc years ago with the same symptoms you had.

The first thing he asked me was how much gum I was chewing everyday. I had walked

into his office with gum in my mouth. I told him a pack or two a day. He told me to

stop the gum and come back in 2 weeks. Chewing while being a nervous person

just added more air than usual causing bloating, not feeling hungry, burping and etc.

And yes, anxiety can very well affect the bowel formation because the colon is made

of muscle and our stress changes it by spasms. Give the Prilosec and Lexapro a chance.

It doesn't do you any good if the medicine sits on the shelf. I'm on Lexapro myself and

for me has been a great drug. I've also taken Prilosec on one time.

When we get to the point that "we can't take it anymore" then it's time to believe in

our doctors and take what they prescribe. Good Luck :) xx

Well weights dropped off me nausea hit me 'this week really think summin in my stomach

Had scan gallbladder etc all ok waiting urgent magic eye found out the list is 2 month going back to my gp today with husband and he's going to tell them straight I hid it from him for while and over the last month he's noticed c

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