Constant fear in pit of stomach

Does anyone experience a persistent feeling of "fear" in the pit of their stomach all the time. I try to keep focused on other things but it plagues me constantly. Half the time I'm afraid to leave the house in case I pass out or make a fool of myself! They say to keep active so you don't dwell on it, but easier said than done!....and yes I do take prescription meds and have been diagnosed with panic disorder. I'm just desperate for some help.


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  • Have you been offered any additional support from therapy etc? X

  • I took a 6 wk CBT class to learn techniques of dealing with the panic. I still try to employ those techniques but the panic is too over whelming at times. I am on prescription medications but it's been over a year of fighting this horrible feeling and it just feels hopeless

  • I had that happen to me when I started getting panic attacks. I still feel the same sensation when I'm anxious. I even get stomach cramps now and a rush to go to the bathroom. I wish to have the right answer to make it go away, but the fact is that people with high levels of anxiety are prone to stomach issues. I try to chew gum to divert my focus and also try anti-acids like Tums or Pepto, or a mother by tea without sugar or honey. Take care!

  • Thank you for your response. I read today that chewing gum sometimes helps. I have not tried that...yet. I have prescription antacids as well as Tums....I've dealt with nausea for over a year, actually it is decreasing but in it's place is the feeling of sheer panic ...FEAR......I know the pin point of my panic disorder, and now it seems I'm dwelling on it even more so. Let's hope we both find some relief!

  • Try meditation - it helped me with my constant fear. Also, deep breathing helps.

  • deep breathing makes me worse than ever, I always seem to hyperventilate and feel worse. My mind won't let me go to "the quiet place" I've tried so many times. The dr. even tried hypnosis on me a few times but I couldn't concentrate well enough to let myself relax. Thank you for your input.

  • Yes have that constant fear because I'm afraid of thoughts and anxiety and I am on meds but not working.

  • yes, that is like me too......then my biggest fear is that I will be like this for the rest of my life. I do try to put my train of thought on other things but to no avail. It is a terrible situation when we don't know where to turn for help. Thank you for sharing.

  • Then I think your best bet is modifying meds to an appropriate level to get relief- you may need to switch meds or even doctors-good luck

  • the dr. just upped meds on Friday so I hope it will help, also adjusted the time of day I take them. I am at the point where I don't feel there is any help.

  • kama24, there is help for that constant fear in the pit of your stomach. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in pill form. It comes from within you. You're probably saying "oh yeah, yeah, heard that before". But it is the truth. As long as you concentrate on that feeling it will build. It's not about thinking of something else as much as it is about accepting that it is not dangerous. I deep breathe my away whenever it happens. Using deep breathing and relaxation when you aren't experiencing that feeling will also build up a tolerance when it does happen. Meds may be good for a while but then it just makes you feel tired and foggy and eventually not working. The answer is daily practicing technique (3x a day) to help quiet the mind and body. The adrenaline will calm down. Of course watch so that you don't drink or eat foods with high amounts of adrenaline which will just give you that quick jolt again. You can do it kama24. One day at a time. My best.

  • You are so very right. That is exactly what my husband says to me. The more I think about it the greater it becomes. He constantly says...."you are still here!" Yes the "flee or fight" response is constant....this all started over a year ago when I withdrew from a long time was a year of constant nausea, now it has gone to the constant fear. I truly want to gain control over my thoughts. I attended CBT classes and all that I learned made total sense, I do try do hard....I will keep attempting to gain power over "it". Thank you for your kind words.

  • kama24, one last thing I'd like to say. This may very well be coming from stopping a long time medication. I think you and I might have talked about this before. When I came off benzos, I was aware that the symptoms would not just stop abruptly when I stopped my last pill. It took 2 years of slowly getting better while my brain healed. This will happen for you as well. But while going through that wait period still continue to use relaxation techniques and deep breathing and acceptance. The rewards are "huge". It will happen for you. xx

  • thank you for being so understanding......yes I was on Paxil for 16 yrs and the withdrawal back fired in a way no one expected with constant nausea 24/7 I am seriously going to look into relaxation techniques, I have to try to get this under control. I am lucky to have a husband and 2 best friends who try to talk to me....again thank you for being so kind to me

  • the start of the classic anxiety

  • I think you are absolutely correct.....the start then the escalating of it.....would be so wonderful to nip it in the bud!

  • yes it used to be my heart would pound and I had horrific terrors non stop. now it has moved into my stomach, terror feeling,, also like I am on speed, I am never tired.. I cant stand it. I just pace and cry.. NOTHING stops it.. I have tried everything, I was fine one day and the next this all started at 56. I WAS FINE>. No drugs help, therapy has not helped.. I don't sleep. I cannot endure the level of terror it is like falling off a cliff. I was screaming holding onto the couch as it was so severe I could not hold from ending it.. I get lower attacks and those spells but it is constant. not panic attacks..Plus I feel vibrations all over my body like a tens unit is on me.. I feel I am being electronically targeted. I looked it up and I fit the picture. I even had burns on me.

  • most people with anxiety or panic attacks it comes and goes, mine is constant, non stop. I don't even sleep. and if I do as soon as my eyes are open it is there.

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