Tired of worrying

Hi I'm 38 have been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety 10 years ago. I have this issue that every small issue with my health I believe it will be cancer or something really bad.

I am tired of not being able to sleep. Ive been on Prozac and tried killing myself by swallowing heap of pills. Life is no longer worth living. It's all to hard.


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  • Hey, i understand what your going through, ive tired of worrying too, i have severe anxiety and depression, im way to young to be worrying about these things, i got my whole life ahead of me, i have severe symptoms and always have a fear that my heart os going to stop beating ,the doctors said Everything is prefect but i still feel bad, getting over anxiety is not easy, and killing yourself is never the solution, your still young , dont give up no matter how hard it is, keep pushinh forward, even the littlest steps makes a huge difference, life is hard, im 16 and suffering from severe anxiety, excessive worry, major depression disorder and im a hypochondriac, i feel like crap everyday, i get panic attacks everyday, but i tell myself everything happends for a reason, so after im healed im going to help others going through this because its sad and its really hard, but thats ny purpose to help people suffering from this, so you too help others but first help yourself, ive felt worthless and like my life has no purpose but now i know, anxiety has taken over my life, i cant go out, i cant be alone, i cant sleep, i cant exercise, nothing but now im starting to get better, slowly by slowly. You just got to jave will power, i dont have much but with the littlest i give i see a dramatic change, hope u feel better ❤ and remember suicide is never the answer, wish you the best and even though its really hard you have to have a good mind set and dont give up, never give up!!

  • Life is worth living. We all feel like shit or else we wouldn't be here ! I hope my comment finds you in time . I hope you are thinking a little differently. Would you really want to end your life and never be able to see , touch, feel , taste and love ? I'm telling you if you are so worried about your health why would you try and take your own life ? Please think about it . While I'm commenting I'm over here sleepy because I couldn't get my brain to shut up long enough so I could get a good nights rest. And I been feeling like I'm swaying on a boat! Guess what I'm not on a boat! I feel and understand where you are coming from . My best friend killed her self when she was 17 ! She ended her pain but left her family and friends full of her pain and suffering . It's sad . Please let us know that you are ok !

  • I feel like that too!I havent slept much and i always feel lightheaded and like if i could just fall,and i want to go to sleep but im to scared too

  • Yes me too ! I'm lightheaded and weak. I feel unreal as well . It's awful. I hope Enzo22 is ok !

  • Omg same! When i stand up i feel like my vision is whoopy and i feel unreal as well, i feel as if this was just an illusion or dream, i look in the mirror and objects and i question them

  • I'm so sorry you feel like this too . I'm here if you need to talk. And yes that's sounds about right. I feel the same . There are a lot of people that do. Thankful I have found good people here to help me understand what I am going through.

  • Im sorry that your going throgh this too,and thank you very much ,i really appreciate and for you too im here as well for you and for anyone looking for someone to talk to or share things!❤

  • Thank you ! And you have to try and sleep. If not you will worse . Remember you have survived every bodily sensation so far . You will be fine even if you sleep .

  • Thank you! Ive needed to talk to someone and your absolutely right! I thinkbthe fear of falling asleep come from my fear of my heart stopping, ive been to the hospital so many times because of my blood pressure and panic attacks but i now know its all in my head but the hard part is getting over it, the symptoms are so severe that i feel like im dying and this is it

  • I understand and by staying awake you think you will be able to act fast to save yourself and if you sleep then you might miss it and something bad will happen and you'll wake up and it will be to late . But it won't you'll be ok . You really need to rest . I never thought I'd say this to anyone else because this what people keep telling me but here goes ... you've had the tests done and everything is ok . Trust me I know how this feels . I'm currently being set back because of my symptoms right now . Bet I make this set back one of my best friends! You got this ! Rest your eyes !

  • Thank you so much, i really appreciate you telling me this ,it really puts to rest my mind, to know that im not alone, and this is something that gets me to worry is that i feel my heartbeat 24/7 and it beats hard , im constantly worried aout my health and every little pain i always think the worst but yess i will go to sleep because lack of sleep is the worst thing you can do ❤

  • So sad to read how you feel. Firstly you do need urgent medical help, maybe Prozac is not the right drug for you. I take it you have discussed your feelings with a doctor? Have you not been referred to a Psychriastrist? Depression is a terrible illness and anxiety combined is awful, we are all deeply concerned about you. Life is precious, I suggest you try relaxation, deep breathing techniques which you can find on the Internet and maybe CBT. I hope you have some support such as family, friends etc. Life is not easy but it is precious, often we are depressed and anxious due to relatives passing this onto us, my Mother was very anxious, I get anxious, I worry constantly about my sons. Please go back and see your doctor, see if you can get something for your anxiety, I takePregabalin which is really good. Let me know how you get on 🤗😊

  • Same as you, ten years ago got my anxiety diagnosis. Already knew about depression. Just a quick note here, I've tried and been through lots of medications. The one I found helped the most was Pristique (but unfortunately after a great four years, my body no longer liked it and I was getting some side effects so stopped). The worst I had was Prozac. In the six months I was on it, I was in bed more then out of it and constantly had suicidal thoughts. I knew I wouldn't act on them but I would lay down and think if the world swallowed me up I wouldn't care. As I've been on different medications at different times I knew that something was off. I discussed with my psychiatrist and we stopped the Prozac. The change was almost immediate. Not sleeping during the day anymore and no more suicidal thoughts. In my case, that particular drug worsened my condition. Maybe your doctor can try a different medication for you?

  • I am sorry you are struggling so much. I understand exactly how you feel. I spend everyday worrying that a new symptom really means the beginning of the end. Living in terror and constantly in our own heads is horrible way to live. I have thought about suicide, more as back up plan if something is wrong. I think it is ironic that we fear death, but think if suicude. For me I think it is about controlling the unknown. That fear of uncertainty about the future, but suicide gives you certainty in weird way. I hope you can find some help, some relief. Why not take chance and go with the fear and do something that you used to like anyway. Who cares if you feel scared and anxious, just try it. It takes baby steps and we can't expect to never feel anxious again. If we back away we let anxiety win.

  • I have health anxiety and am seeing a psychologist who specialises in it. He has had me write stories about my worst fears. There are some I haven't been able to do yet. I wouldn't recommend doing this without the professional support. Some - not all - of my anxiety has decreased. I am still highly anxious a lot of the time.

    I can certainly relate to Kim 2000's comments about it being ironic that we fear death, but think about suicide. I keep telling myself to choose life, and every time I do something constructive, however small it might be, I am choosing life. Its hard to do things because of the anxiety, but each time we do something, we become stronger and anxiety becomes weaker. One foot in front of the other....baby steps...and eventually, bigger steps.

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