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Hi everyone I'm Natasha 18 years old I have been suffering from anxiety since I was about 12,I'm currently sat having an anxiety attack because I found a rash on my arm and i think I have a disease and I'm going to die,sounds silly I know but this happens to me daily, every time I find a rash,bruise,mark or anything like that I think I am dying in so worried. Does this happen to anybody else?


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  • thats what anxiety does but just relax, hope u feel better :)

  • Thankyou

  • I'm not even joking i am the exact same, I'm the past week I've decided I am dying probably 10-15 times all of different illnesses, no joke. It's a horrible feeling and I know how you feel. I recently joined this group at my local hospital, and what it does is can prescribe you medication and give you a counciler all for nothing, but I'm in the UK I don't know about you haha. I am here if you need someone to speak too, I've pushed everyone in my life away due to anxiety and I've tried heaps of things to help but it's not working yet. I've had it for about a year and a half but only recently has it become worse. all I can say is your probably not dying, people get rashes all the time, I know I do especially up and down my arms and legs >:(

  • Thankyou so much i will message you if I ever need to talk :)

  • Hi Natasha....sorry to hear of your struggle. I think you will find that a lot of people on here know exactly what you are going through, so don't think you are alone. In my own case I too have daily episodes of thinking I am going to die before the day ends. In one part of my mind I can understand that this is unlikely, in another part it seems very likely. And it is that part which seems to dominate a lot of the time. You probably know on some level that a rash is not going to kill you, but the insidious nature of anxiety means it is able to overcome your own logic. When you have had all the medical tests available and nothing is wrong, then you can be sure that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. The good news is that it is possible to treat anxiety, usually through a combination of short term medication and therapy. Medication is not always necessary, but it is a useful tool for some people. Ask your doctor for advice and help. I wish you well.

  • Hello Natasha this happens to me too , the worst thing to do is google stuff cause 100 disease have similar symptoms and you start to relate to the worst the truth is nothing is wrong , go to the doctor and clear your head it makes it easier , go out a lot talk to people share with family support is the most important thing here, don't stay alone without doing anything

  • That's for the advice :)

  • I to have the same anxiety attacks. In all we have to remember that the mind is soooo powerful. So dont let it be in charge we are in charge and we cant forget that. Which when a episode starts we fo forget. So be strong and remember that you will get through it.

  • Thankyou :)

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