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I have been stuck in my house for 3 months, still with anxiety. I have no job, no money, i’m still afraid of driving. My anxiety symptoms have gotten better since I started taking Anxiety-Free supplements and reading my devotion, but I am just so tired of feeling worthless and alone. I am getting really impatient, and I want to the feeling to stop already. I thought that maybe I would be back to my normal self by the New Year, but at the rate I’m going, it doesn’t look that way. any suggestions on how to slowly get out of this funk and back to being myself?

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GET OFF of your computer and cell phone and give your mind and energy field a break.

IF you want to get outside, you can do it, literally one step at a time. Without your computer and cell phone for diversion, your can only go forward because you won't be tied to the screens.

Without the screens you will naturally be drawn to other things.

Like getting back into your car, or going out for a little walk, for something to do.

In order to "get back to myself", you have to get back to a normal routine and that should not include any screen time until you " get back to yourself".

The mind needs challenges, and it needs fresh air and good food and exercise.

Give it a try...........keep us posted.

That’s a great idea. I just deleted my social network profiles because I spend too much time on there. I will take your advice. Thank you.

SO lets make a plan. YOU stay off of ALL of your screens, for 3 full days. Plan your days without turning on any screen unless you make a phone call to someone to have a chat with them.

Suck it up and YES, do your laundry one morning, clean the house that afternoon, and cook a meal for yourself.

You have 3 days, to be good and kind to yourself and your surroundings.

I will come back in 3 days which is Thursday and not before to read about your progress.

UP for the challenge?

I’m up for the challenge. Thank you so much!

Stick with the meds and keep in touch with your DR. I've been through the same thing and I know it can feel hopeless. Do little things each day that take you out of your comfort zone, such as taking short walks. I've had days where I felt I couldn't even leave bed, but a short walk down the street and back made me feel accomplished. It's all about baby steps. Just try to expand your world slowly.

I appreciate the suggestions. I think short walks would definitely help.


You got yourself in a hole so you have to put energy into crawling out. It won’t just stop one day on its own and you’ll all of a sudden feel better. I know this first hand. I had to literally force myself outside for a walk and force myself to drive. I started by driving around my neighborhood, then driving down the street. I had to get on an antidepressant, Lexapro. I listened to Claire Weekes on YouTube while I walked, while I drove. I listened to Douglas Bloch on YouTube. I prayed A LOT. Little victories add up. You have to push yourself through your fear. I love the other suggestions given here too before mine. Praying for you 🙏

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Thank you so much. My doctor prescribed me Lexapro and two other anti-anxiety medication, but I want to stay on the herbal side. the thing i’m struggling with the most is finding the energy to get out of this rut. I like the idea of staying away from electronics for 3 days, and taking short walk. you’re idea of driving around the neighbor is great. My mom has been trying to get me to come see her new apartment but she lives far and I’m too scared to drive out there. but I think if i do what you did, and driving around the neighborhood and down the street, I will be able to go see her afterwhile. I pray a lot as well because i’m also working on my relationship with God, so I will definitely continue praying,

Also, I have seen so many people talk about Claire Weekes, and now i’m embarrass to say I’ve never heard of her. Is she helpful with anxiety and depression?

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You are welcome! Lexapro helped me out of a major anxiety and depression cycle. You can start by taking a low dose, 2.5mg and build up from there. Yes, Claire Weekes was an amazing woman who spoke in very simple language and completely understood agoraphobia, panic and anxiety. She experienced it herself and her words are true.

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Okay nice. The herbal supplements I’m taking have helped with my anxiety a bit, and i’m thinking of getting some CBD oil as well. But i’ve heard Lexapro is great and my friend has taken it and she liked it as well.

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