For the past I don't know how long i have been suffering with head aches.. I cannot remember a time that I havent i have also been having pains in my head and on the side of my heads I find sometimes it hurts when I laydown.. when I touch my temple I get a horrible pain this pain is also in the sides of my jaw and I have found my self scrapping my teeth together a lot recently! I have also started to become really tired like I don't have the energy to do anything, I also have times of vertigo and head spins !!! I have been to the doctor and she reckons I have tension head aches... But the worse thing ever I have been self diagnosing to a point I have convinced my self I have a brain tumour I am so worried about it... It's taking over my life... It's every minute and every second I constantly think about it and it's driving me nuts... I have been through a lot of stress over the past few years and I have got my self into a few episodes of extreme worrying :( I just want to feel normal again does anyone else get these type symptoms with anxiety ? Or do I really need to be worrying :(


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  • I also sometimes find it hard to swollow and I feel like I am going to chock :( if any one has any help and advice I'll be very grateful

  • Dont worry about these symptoms as ive had them for 40 years and im still here.Its caused with extreme stress and anxiety because you are tensing yourself up all the time.I dont know what its like to be pain free ,maybe a very odd day. Hope this reassures you take care

  • Thank you for taking the time to comment back when I tell people they don't understand and think it's me being a hypochondriacte but it really is a struggle day to day worrying over and over I am ill :( thanks for the message x

  • Been Through all of this stuff through the years. I'm 66 and my mother went through all this stuff too. It's amazing what your mind can do to you. you just get through one thing and another comes along to take its place. this is Anxiety, Panic, Fear, and Depression. so many people have this. The FEAR of what all this is, is what keeps it going. They say keep busy, don't think about it, I wish that was as easy to do as it sounds, because... that's what it all boils down to, its ours thoughts that give us all these health problems and the fear that keeps them going. I wish I had an easy way to stop all this craziness to tell you to do. I don't its a constant struggle, but you can get better at controlling it, and there are lots of groups and therapy sessions you can try. My mom went to a Group called Recovery Class. Four 20 plus years it helped her so much. And you make friends and have people to call and talk to, you becomes friends and help each other through the bad times. Like AA support groups. Good luck. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, 100's of 1000's of us are out there trying to work through all of this stuff JUST LIKE YOU. You will be fine, just keep telling yourself that :)

  • Thank you taking the time to message me back it feels better to talk to people who actually know what I mean :( I am worrying my self silly at the moment constantly googling different things to the point it's driving me mad :( I just really have to start think more positively and maybe I might start to feel better like today I went swimming and forgot all about it no pain nothing came out of the pool and back to my normal thoughts worry and so forth convincing my self of the worse :( thank you though

  • Thank you Judy 1713 for your honesty and sharing. I too have had to deal with this for many years and it is a daily struggle. I have such health anxiety and it's awful. I have what I think is sinus headaches almost daily, I've had a plugged up ear for eight weeks and worrying too that I have the worst...it truly is a vicious circle and the more you worry the worse it gets....hang in there....

  • Vsbythesea, that's so funny, I'm going through the same thing right now, with the Sinus, or upper respitory and plugged ear, pains in my ear and glands and headaches and the top of my head is sore to the touch, nice to no some one else has the same, They say misery loves company, I guess that's right, lol, Thanks :)

  • Hi Judy!

    So good to meet you..my ear thing started while driving to work...it just closed up like when u get water in it...I couldn't pop it open. After a couple weeks I went to doctor who gave me steroids. That didn't open it! He said I had some fluid behind the eardrum. Well still have it. I go back Wednesday? He scared me last visit by saying he'd have to do a test to be sure something wasn't growing in there..lI've been terrified since!! I have suffered with headaches my whole life. I'm 60 and have prayed that I could spend this last part of my life without all this anxiety, fears, health anxiety, but I am still living daily with it. One thing after the other.😂it is nice to know you aren't alone. I truly want to feel good but I am over sensitised and although most people don't know it I struggle everyday. Mornings are especially difficult and I have so much to be thankful for, and I am, I just want to feel better.

    I'm sorry that you struggle too. Not sure how long you've suffered but you are in my thoughts. I'm off to work with hopes that today won't be so bad. Do you work? We are close to the same age I think. A lot of people on the forum are much younger. It's funny when I read some posts that say I've been suffering with health fears for 3 weeks!! Oh dear, I've had a lot more years of suffering..

    Hope you have a good day Judy.


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