Does anyone get this?

I'm just sitting here and I feel like I can't breath all of a sudden so scared I'm just going to stop breathing what is this 😭.. SO scared this feeling as I can't breath right now is scaring me


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  • close yer eyes and count one to ten slow in yer head why breathing in out at same time just a little panic yer haveing it pass x

  • I hope u feel better hun.... Today my heart is beating fast.... :-(

  • I know the feeling, it's horrible. But one thing is that everything is usually fine. Try breathing excersices and Google relaxation methods as these may help. Hope you are feeling a bit better now x

  • Hello everyone hope ur all ok! I'm suffering badly atm I'm burning up again and my heart is racing super fast this is for no reason so scared. Hopefully I make it to tomorrow bcos I'm seeing a cardiologist finely!!!x

  • U will b fine u feel worst because tomorrow u will see a doctor it happens to me

  • Yes many times, it is cause we feed the fear. you posted 17 hours ago and I wonder if your breathing is now? You see we sufferers of this Mr anxiety bad boy feed it. Try mindfulness on you tube. Your in control, tell anxiety he is not welcome and your not feeding him today. He will die if you starve him. Change you focus, mindfulness, close your eyes, feel your fingers relax and slowly breathe in for ten and out slowly. Sometime I used to lie on the floor cause it changes the brain. Randomly lie on the floor, feel the floor, start at your toes work your way up. Your breath is precious to God. Talk to him tell him how hard this is for you. He wants you to live a happy life free of anxiety. He helped me massivly. I thought it would never end but slowly its dying off. Honestly thought no one can help me but he can and he did.

    Matt Chandler.. keep getting up and other blogs on you tube are brilliant. Joyce Meyer messages also brilliant.

    I live Scotland and started to appreciate the beauty around, stopped feeding the anxiety, told myself this is thought but its going to pass, lay down done the breathing etc...I am still breathing today but the shortness of breath is less and less.

    Starve it..kick it in the butt , ask God to help you through. Look out see the birds, smell the air and smile, tell yourself your beautiful as god made you and your going to live a great life, say goodbye Mr anxiety. Not feeding you today. Honestly I was severe, never thought it would end ever, but as I write this I can see two magpies building their nests. God looks after them all, they don't know where their next feed will come from yet they never get anxious. God him. x

  • Oh wow snow them words are so powerful n I'll take in everything you have said!!!! It's just so so hard atm I'm jusy a scared girl thay feels like her love is over .. I feel like I'm going insane and that I need to be locked up . If this is anxiety why me? What have I ever done wrong 😭. I hope ur ok x

  • Classic anxiety. I've had it hundreds of times but never had a real breathing problem ever. I always wondered if this was the time I really couldn't breathe but I'm still here. Trying deep breathing seems to make it worse for me. Breathing into a paper bag helps. I hope you get better.

  • Right now I feel like I can't breath!!! I'm so scared even though I go through this a lot I always feel like I'm about to die and I'm scared that people just think it's anxiety n I'm really dying I haye feeling like this

  • I know, me too. Did you go to the cardiologist yet?

  • Yes Iv got wait for an appointment for all the test then get the results back in 4months 😩. So long

  • Take your mind off everything. Relax and take slow deep need to get your mind off anything that is bothering you and think positive things. No caffeine...the worst thing you can do for anxiety/panic attacks. Drink lots of water....walk, exercise, call friends.....keep busy.

    You'll be ok. Good luck

  • That is a long time. The good news is that they didn't think they needed to rush you in.

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