Does anyone ever do this?

Sometimes I'll be living life then realize that my anxiety is quite low at the time and I'm actually not having obsessive worry or fear of impending doom/disaster. When I do that, it scares me and I end up making myself anxious because I feel as if I have to be in this state of hyper vigilance to ward off the next disaster about to befall me. It is like my anxiety helps keep the threats at bay. I know this isn't logical and I'm cheating myself out of enjoying the moments of life. Just wondering if anyone else ever does this?


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  • Lol, that happens all the time. I am like, "GEEZ, no anxiety today, what the heck.... let's just make some", and there you have a bowl full of garnished anxiety, served hot (Or you made it hot rather).

    That actually happens because you start living in the head. The moment you realize that you were actually caught up in the moment and forgot about the whole anxiety shit, you start worrying that, now that you have realized that, it will bring anxiety to you. That in turn fuels the whole shit all over again. And you're gone.

    Just try getting back to whatever you were doing, like if I am writing this, and I get that shitty trigger, I'd be going into full speed back on my keyboard and start writing anything that hits my mind unless I have my mind off of that trigger. (lol, I actually was doing that)

    Anyway, stick around to speak to people like me who'll be weird enough to make you feel that you are not the only one.



  • I'm sure many people do that. Feeling good scares them. We shouldnt complain about been anxious if we are not willIng to accept feeling good. I have learned that there is no tomorrow. You have no reason to anticipate doom. You can only live for now. Past is past, can't get it back and tomorrow doesn't exist because when you wake up, it is today. I have worked real hard to have positive thoughts and I just keep active even when my anxiety is low. Why would you start thinking negative thoughts when you have proof that they cause anxiety. If things are going good, embrace it and continue with your day. Negative thoughts just set you back in your struggle to become healthy. You deserve to feel good and enjoy life and family. You need to learn to love yourself. Don't be afraid to feel good. As you know negative thoughts makes our life miserable

  • Embrace them good days love, I'm on top of the world when I get mine, always say to my self is this what normal people feel like, id love to go shopping on my own and not have a flap in the middle of the store, my other half takes me, its like supermarket sweep. Especially when I'm clothes shopping my other half hates it. Ha ha 😊 don't feel guilty about the good days. Just say to yourself yeah I got a day off lol xxx😁 Mandy

  • I find myself watching other people and being in awe of how carefree and happy they seem. I drop off my youngest at daycare in the mornings and I'm always amazed at the other moms who are dressed very well, make-up on, perfect hair....they are so put together. I'm usually suffering so much that dressing myself up is so far down the list. Most of the time I feel like I'm am on straight survival mode. I mean, why put on lipstick if you are just trying to make it through the next moment?

    I'm having a bad day today. Chest is very heavy and I feel like I have to remind myself to breathe. I'm so tired of the rollercoaster. I just want to get off. The saddest thing is, I'm pretty sure I'll never be carefree or even genuinely happy again. I know I will have moment of that but I just can't see myself ever making that my baseline.

  • Hey missus you will just have to work at it. Take time put lippy on go out n feel good. I always do my hair n makeup, however I'm feeling, don't give in to this shitty illness, beat this mother fucker, cmon gal you can if you try, its hard I know but do you want to feel good again, or go down to rock bottom its a fight kid, were all here to egg each other on good or bad. Cmon anxiety campers lets kick this mother fucker in to touch. You can, I do it every bloody day. We only have a choice of paths one 👈 down one 👉 up your choice, know where im going👉👉👉. Xx Mandy

  • Hi Carmel, I understand and agree with everything in your message, ( that could of quite easily been me who wrote that ) couldn't agree with you more, just wish this hell would stop, or even get easier. Hope your feeling better soon we have to keep Believing we will bear it, and we will xx

  • Hi Maggie, that's a brilliant message, I just wish I could do all what you say, I'm definitely going to try, I'm really struggling at the moment so what you say brings comfort Thank you xx

  • I am proof you can get better. Four yrs ago, I was basket case. This last year has been much much better. I still work on it but I don't focus on my symptoms anymore. Hang in there. Prayer and changing negative thoughts helped alot.

  • Thank you it always helps when people like yourself are honest. It gives comfort and helps with battling on everyday, it so very hard I'm struggling xx

  • Sorry that was to you Maggie x

  • I will help you all I can. Its hard but it's worth it

  • This is so hopeful to hear, Maggie.

  • Okay. Then I'm going to enjoy the sunshine today. I live by a very large body of water so once we reach a certain fall/winter temperature, we cloud over and live with low clouds and no sun until about May. I HATE it (I'm not originally from here). I hear parts of the UK are like this so we can commiserate and yearn for the warmth of the sun together this winter.

  • I wish I was there. Sounds heavenly. I live in California and it has been hot and humid all summer with no relief in sight. I'm jealous.

  • My hubby is from SoCal. He hated it. I love it.

  • I love it too. I shouldn't complain. I actually like the sunny weather.

  • Im feeling better im actually up ,i ate still feel spaced out!!!

  • it's called catastrophizing think that's how you spell it and I am the worlds worse BUT am getting there by reading posts on here and reading mindfulness books.. be gentle with yourself this way of thinking rules your life.. xx

  • This happens all the time and looking back whenever I have been completely at peace I have never felt comfortable it's like I have to have anxiety or something bad will happen if I'm too happy, what a horrible way to live. And to think that so many people live freely out there without unnecessary worry ugh!!

  • So don't look back sunshine, you may look at someone on the other side of the street and think id love to be in their shoes, but how or what are their issues, they could be thinking same as you. Xxx when your happy n don't have any attacks embrace the days off sunshine. It's what anxiety does. Don't feel guilty of a free day, nothings gonna happen, think of It as a stress free holiday and enjoy it while it lasts. Your not going to be punished for it. Hey we anxiety campers wish for a day off. Xxx 😊 I'm on top of the world when I get mine xx whoop mandy

  • Yes on some days I actually tell myself I'm going to have a break especially from my ocd and it helps when you put it in your mind 'I'm having a day off today go away'. :)))

  • I just wonder how many people like me can be heard saying - I'm worried cos Im not worried!

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