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Weird feeling when under pressure at work

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I have had severe anxiety in the past. I struggled like everyone here and thanks to everybody's input here I have been able to get my life back. I still get episodes here and there but I am able to calm myself down.

Lately at work though I have been getting this weird feeling when I get under pressure. I get overwhelmed and all of a sudden I get this feeling like my blood pressure is sky rocket. I have checked my bp at these moments and my readings have been normal. I start to notice my hands shake and my neck and back start to ache. I get this numbness feeling on my face and it moves throughout my body.

I have been trying to do calming breathing exercises and taking breaks away from the desk and it seems to help a little.

I just don't know if this is normal stress or if there is something else going on...

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Hi, just read your post.

I think what you explain is completely normal and we all get it, I sure do ?

Try wearing a good elastic band on your wrist and every time it starts to happen ping it damn hard a couple of times ?

I think you will find it stops that feeling your getting of high blood pressure lol

When it happens to me my vision goes blurry also does your ?

Hope this helps.

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cisco77 in reply to

Oh yea... the blurry vision. That's when I know I have reached my limit. I definitely need to find something to distract my anxious mind. Thank you for your advice.

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Richva in reply to cisco77

Pray and read the. Bible only god can help. Gbu

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Jodz in reply to

Yep I'm hearing u . My vision goes smokey and really off balance then I know my bp has spiked it's a terrible feeling

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cisco77 in reply to Jodz

Yea it sucks! It feels good to know that I'm not the only one who gets these weird feelings. Makes you wonder and that's what makes anxiety kick in. Thank you for sharing. This forum has made things easier to deal with.

Hi Ciso,

You have nailed it - work related stress. You have owned & named your symptoms (not everyone reacts in the same way)

In the workplace, if you have an employee assistance program (EAP) it might be worth checking in for a confidential session or two with a psychologist.

You might also want to discuss the current state of affairs with your team leader. You can disclose as much or as little as you want about your anxiety. The team leader might be able to make some accomodations for you at work to reduce your stress levels.

Fawn Fitter authored a booked call "Working in Dark" which covers being a worker with a mental health issue. An excellent read, available online and from your local library if you ask for it.

Hopefully your stressors are temporary and will improve over time.

Prolonged exposure to stressors will affect your overall wellbeing so do all you can to keep them under control. :)

Thank you for your reply. I will check out the book. I will definitely work on figuring out what is triggering these episodes and discuss it with my employer about getting some support. Thank you again.

Hi. I read ur post. I've been on this forum for a little while. I suffered from anxiety for 7 plus years I'm 32 male. My life was completely destroyed I wasint able to be around people I didint see my close friends and family for 4years missed my kids bday party's missed out of a lot of life. Restaurants movies etc No meds no E R visits. The only way I'm pulling threw is GOD THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER. GET A Bible read and pray have a relationship with god. Please believe me. He's the only one who can help you. God bless you I pray healing on you in jesus name 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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FXP_OK in reply to Richva

God, if she exists, is not the only answer...just because the mumbo jumbo route works for you doesn't mean it is the only answer and you shouldn't claim that it is

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juneaufoster in reply to Richva

Claiming this is the 'only' thing that can help because it helped you isn't helpful.

I have exactly the same symptoms when I am stressed at work plus burning sensation in my feet. Besides I can't be left without work as it would make more anxious as well. But iam trying to calm myself down.the tough thing that it is uncontrollable.

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cisco77 in reply to Maioia

Yea I get the burning feeling on my shoulders. Today going back to work I made sure to take my break which I haven't been doing lately and it seemed to help a lot. I kept telling myself to smile and just be happy no matter how tough it would get. I think when we start feeling these symptoms is just our body telling us to chill out and take a break. Thank you for replying and sharing your thoughts.

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Agora1 in reply to cisco77

Hi cisco77, it's been proven that taking a 5-10 minute break in the afternoon doing some meditation and deep breathing can calm both the mind and body. It can take down the stress of the day by taking that little escape each day whether at work or at home.

Feel better

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