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I used to have higher blood pressure (around 130-35/75-80) and lately I have been experiencing lower blood pressure (110-120/50-60). I know that low blood pressure isn't usually dangerous, unless it goes super low. I have not had many symptoms. The only symptoms I have been experiencing are tiredness and it seems like that causes me to focus on my breathing and cause my anxiety to go haywire. I found that swimming does help me. Any suggestions on how to beat this fatigue from the lower blood pressure?


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  • I usually have a bit less than the normal blood pressure and what helps me is exercise and smth sweet, but not too much cause it causes your anxiety to get worse. (sugar and adrenaline, not the best combination)

  • Here is my advice. :) I've been struggling with anxiety for 15 years and have had every kind of symptom you can probably have. I could probably write a book in anxiety lol! According to the numbers you gave, they are not bad numbers at all! I come from a family that works in the medical field and I know more than I want to sometimes but other times it's helpful. Since your blood pressure has gone back down to normal, you're relaxing more and because you're not used to it, you're panicking over it. Been there and done that lol! When we relax, we feel tired. As an anxiety sufferer, we are extra sensitive and pay more attention to every change in our body. Blood pressure is considered too low when the top number drops below 90. You are in a healthy range, even when it was a little high, it still wasn't at an unhealthy range. All in all, you're panicking over feeling relaxed. Nothing to worry about. :)

  • This was a very helpful reply=)

    I actually had that theory that when everything is relaxed, the anxiety starts and makes me believe something is wrong. I have never had problems with my blood pressure. I started swimming a week ago and I am definetely feeling better. I think the symptom that bothers me the most is how I focus on my breathing when it's perfectly fine. I have had a bunch of symptoms too. I have never passed out, so I know this must be all anxiety.

  • We sound so much alike that it's freaky lol! I'm glad it helped! I have experienced ALL of that. I've even fallen victim many times to focusing on my breathing like that. And I've never passed out either but have feared it. What you're feeling is definitely anxiety.

  • Yes. For example right now I have this feeling that blood has rushed to my head and like my heat is hardly beating. it's causing me to be wide awake.

  • My first anxiety attack was me feeling like I was suffocating and the fear of the first one made me focus on my breathing for a long time since the episode and it was about one of the worst tortures. Besides swimming, are you regularly athletic?

  • That's what was happening and still does happen to me at times. Yes, I am regularly athletic. I go to the gym 5 days a week, sometimes 6. For other forms of cardio I run and do the stairs. I also do strength training.

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