Weird feeling

Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced this kind of a weird feeling? I went down to try and take a nap and after about 10 minutes my palms got all sweaty and then when I opened my eyes I felt even weirder. I don't even know really how to explain the feeling. Im sitting right now at the computer just working on homework and I feel like there is something wrong with me, but I can't tell what. My head feels like it has pressure on both sides and I think my eyes might just be dry from my contacts.


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  • Could it have something to do with me not taking my sleeping pill? I take it only on nights when I have trouble falling asleep. I slept a full 8 hours. My body might still be trying to get used to me getting more sleep.

  • Maby it's your contacts.. try taking them off for an hr or so and see if it helps.. I sometimes feel pressure like that from not wearing my glasses..

  • How are you feeling today? These weird feelings suck don't they and they are so hard to try and explain to someone. I often feel like there is something wrong with me but can't put my finger on what. It's so hard to get motivated to do anything when I'm feeling like this as I feel if I exert myself too much I will make the feelings worse.

  • Some days are fine. My anxiety was more mild today. It's either I have anxiety in the morning or at night. I think meditation in the morning and at night should help me. what are you experiencing?

  • Where do I start? I suffer with a lot of physical symptoms - hot flushes, sweating, racing heart, pains in my legs, hips and stomach, lightheaded, head and eye pains/pressure. I also get waves of fatigue where I feel so exhausted I don't know how I am going to go on and feel like I'm just going to collapse. I also just don't feel myself, feel very weird. Almost like I am in a bubble and my surroundings aren't real. I also find it difficult to concentrate on anything. Some days are worse then others and the mornings are the worst. I sometimes find that I will be feeling fine and then I will think "I haven't had any anxiety today" and bang it appears again!

  • Feeling that way you had an anxiety attack dear. Don't panic you are ok. That's symptoms of it you are having what I get from time to time. Sweaty palms weird feeling In the eyes maybe feeling heavy or overtired and dry and a pressure in your head.

  • I feel you, what's wrong is probably just eye strain from looking at the computer,

    and you were probably dealing with an over anxious mind while trying to sleep because sweaty palms and feeling weird during or when you wake up is some symptoms of sleep anxiety which I deal with also, shit sucks but you'll be fine, try to tell yourself when you feel that way it's because of your over anxious mind fucking with you to make you believe the way that you feel is worse than what's real.

    Keep your head up, feel free to message me anytime you need anyone to talk to (:

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