Head pressure, nausea, dizziness, hungover feeling, anxiety, depression, low appetite, headaches, light headed, ear pain

Im a 21 year old female. I have feelings of anxiety and i have this random depression. Like nothing is worth doing.. The future looks bleak. I want to do things and not just lie around but its so hard. It's like the body just wants to put you in slump mode. It started with headaches.. Which I saw the Chiropracticer for.. and the day after the Chiropracticer i just had a crazy panic attack and was so so sick, couldn't eat and had this intense feeling in my head for a week straight. What disturbs me the most is the depression or lack of motivation as well as this head feeling, like head pressure (someone holding /squeezing my brain) , and I even get nausea. Can't eat properly and in the morning i feel kind of hungover sometimes (i haven't been drinking alcohol). I also feel constantly dizzy or light headed and have moments of Derealization,, like I dont feel i am myself and everything around me doesn't feel real. I even get twitches in my face and in some other parts of my body. Also have problems remembering small things like why did i just open my cupboard? Im also restless through the night and struggle to sleep. If i think too hard about how i feel it's almost like im going to lose my mind. This has only been going on for a month now and i wonder how people are dealing with this for months and even years. Since headache pills don't take away this pressure feeling in my head im starting to think it's something more serious. So im going to have an MRI done. Its just crazy that anxiety can make you feel this way. If the MRI comes out clear i guess i should start on anxiety meds and go for therapy. Is there anyone else who has all these symptoms??? Its a bit much. (ps. Ive been to the ER 2 weeks ago because i felt so bad and had urine and blood tests done. All came back clear. )


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17 Replies

  • Hello

    Over the years I have had the symptoms you describe and many more and it has all been due to anxiety , sounds like you have severe anxiety at the moment but don't despair as you will get your life back again :-)

    You are doing all the right things and I think once you have had these last tests done which no doubt will come back all clear it would be an excellent idea to see the Doctor and discuss medication & therapy :-)

    Things will get slowly better , try setting yourself little challenges everyday even when you do feel you just want to curl up in bed and stop there it makes a big difference not only in the feeling we get from doing so but it lets the anxiety know it is not having full control :-)

    Let us know how you get on :-)

    Take care x

  • I have the same symptoms as you and I know how horrible it feels! I also had many tests that were all negative. Anxiety can do crazy things to our bodies that's for sure! I am seeing psych tomorrow to try out some meds, even if they help a little it still counts. I would encourage you to do the same or just go talk to someone regarding how you feel! Keep up the fight, this will get better!

  • Shay96, you're right to have an mri but when the results come through that your symptoms are not organic and nothing amiss was found you must accept what the doctors tell you. Yes, all those symptoms are classic common symptoms of anxiety disorder, you say the next step is meds but there is a self help alternative to consider as you won't want to take meds for ever.

    Anxiety disorder occurs after a period of worry and stress, our nervous system can take no more and become over sensitised. In this state they start playing tricks on us which includes all the symptoms you mention. Like when you describe everything around you not feeling real, I used to describe it as 'not being there' as if you were watching everything through a tv.

    The problem with nervous over sensitisation is that the symptoms produce fear and more tension which only serves to maintain your nerves in a frazzled state and you get caught in a vicious circle of symptoms causing fear which causes more symptoms which causes more fear. To recover you have to opt out from this vicious circle and give your nerves a break and allow them to recover. To achieve this you have to stop 'fighting' the symptoms and constantly testing yourself through too much introspection as fighting only causes more tension which sensitive nerves feed on.

    Instead you must Accept all the symptoms for the time being and carry on as normal even though the symptoms continue to make you feel bad. But it must be utter Acceptance with the minimum of fear, not just 'putting up' with the bad feelings but truly accepting them. This you can do because you know the symptoms are not organic, they're not for real, they are merely glitches in your oversensitised nervous system. They are not life threatening, they cannot send you crazy, they cannot damage your body, they are frauds and as you now know this you don't have to put up with their bullying and be fearful of them any longer.

    Acceptance takes time, practice and persistance on your part but eventually because you're not adding fear and tension to your nervous system any longer your nerves return to their normal state - and when that happy day comes you will be far down the Yellow Brick Road to Recovery.

  • Jeff,

    Hope you don't mind me replying to you.

    I want to tell you that I have had the last 5 years under stress with work and travelling and not being at home. I started with neck pain and headaches. Which in the last 4 years got worse.

    In the last year I have full blown muscle pain in my neck and back, arms and legs, that also feel weak. Jaw pain, tinnitus,light headedness, nausea, upset tummy, no appetite.

    Every day is a misery. I think I need distraction, as every morning I am filled with dread about the day ahead. I am going out with my husband, but its not great because I feel so sick and dizzy and hurt.

    So this acceptance, do I just get on with things as though it isn't there? I am so fed up with feeling like this. I do have Claire Weekes book, but right now I am really struggling and life is not my own.

    Thank you J xx

  • Hi Funkyfaerie, All those symptoms do sound very much like anxiety disorder, I have to say (as I'm sure you've already done) that it's good to be examined by a doctor to rule out physical causes and confirm it's anxiety. As you can tell I am a great fan of the late Claire Weekes method of Face - Accept - Float - And let time pass for recovering from sensitised nerves.

    No, Acceptance doesn't mean pretending to yourself the symptoms aren't there, it means acknowledging they are there (that's what's meant by Face) and accepting for the time being that you are going to have these bad feelings but still carrying on as normal despite them (this is what she calls Floating or switching onto automatic pilot so to speak) and to do this with the minimum of fear. To begin with you may only be able to accept the symptoms without fear for short periods, this is what she calls glimpsing. But Claire Weekes emphasises that it must be true acceptance, not just putting up with the bad feelings butto accept them so totally that they almost don't bother you any more. It's a frame of mind you have to practice with persistence, telling yourself that these feelings are only glitches in your over sensitised nervous system and that they (and you) will recover once you Let time pass.

    You say you have her book, the first one is the best in my opinion 'Self help with your nerves' also called 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the U.S. Maybe you don't feel like reading a self help book or you read it once and maybe it didn't leave a good impression but I strongly recommend you to read that book again and maybe keep rereading it specially when you're feeling particularly anxious. That's what I did until the meaning of acceptance was fully ingrained. So do read the book again.

    You will recover funkyfairie, I assure you, you will not feel like this for always, recovery depends on losing the fear and tension caused by all these nervous symptoms and not fighting them but accepting them for the time being.

    Do contact me or message me if you think it would help, other than that everything you need for a full recovery is in the book. Good luck!

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes I have the first book by Claire, it heped very much in the 80's, but I feel worse this time round, to be honest I suppose I really can't recall my symptoms back then. But I will read it back to front, I have been dipping so far :-)

    And yes I have have been checked out by the doctor and the hospital, even had a brain scan, which was a trial, quite unnerving!

    I would like to keep in touch now and again, if that is ok with you.


  • Yes do by all means, Jenny. Some people find it helpful to address the anxiety in words in one's head along the lines of: "I'm not going to be bullied by you any more, I now know you're a fake, you try and frighten me with a load of symptoms of real illness, but I'm not scared of you any more. And I know how to send you packing for good, you're just a glitch in my electric circuit, your days are numbered you fraud. Yes, I know how to get rid of you, you nasty piece of work, so throw all the symptoms you want at me, I don't care, I've got you rumbled, I know how to handle you alright!"

    Anxiety is usually worse first thing in the morning, this can be because levels of the hormone cortisol are at their highest at 8a.m. It's a fight or flight hormone that we don'tuse any more so it just sloshes around causing anxiety. There is something in Green Tea called L-Thianinewhich neutralises the hormone, so maybe start the day with 2 tea bags of green tea in a mug of hot water.I find it helpful, it works for many but not all. Worth trying it, all the supermarkets sell it. Stay brave.


  • Hi Jeff,

    I will certainly give the green tea a go, it's good for you any way.

    Yes I am learning about the bloody mornings :-). I used to wake up with my stomach churning, but I realised hat was the trepidation of the coming day, so I get up when I wake up. My arms are trying to trick me me now, they really ache first thing and feel weak, although they are not, and so I have to get cross with them!

    I saw a different doctor yesterday and for the first time came out feeling vaguely confident. She spent time talking to me, she wants to get some bloods done to test muscle enzymes? And she is referring me to a Rheumatologist just to make sure, and given me some pills to try that help with nausea and dizziness. I am not a great pills taker, but I will try them only when I need them.

    Crazy when I get up this morning and my arms hurt, my mind straight away starts to race...I will talk to it as you say. Going to try some relaxation via YouTube too.

    Thanks for your time Jeff. I hope you are well, how rude of me I have been very selfish and not asked how you are.


  • That sounds positive, Jenny, yes I'm not too bad these days, I've had the early morning anxiety a bit the last few days but I know that's because someone drove into the back of me on Saturday and although they've admitted liability I've all the paperwork, insurance company, crash repairers etc to deal with, small things I know but I tend to over react. It wears off after an hour or so and I've just had a mug of green tea. I too have noticed a very slight ache sometimes in the left arm and left foot and immediately start thinking it's the beginning of heartfailure, how we're our own worse enemies, but generally these days I'm feeling normal, thanks?


  • Oh what a nightmare Jeff. Glad you are ok though, that's the main thing. I know what a trial it is to chase around to get your car fixed, all the paper work....I had to get in the mood to ring my pension people and sort out other legal bits and pieces, but I really have to be in the mood to make the effort.

    I have recently given up my job as I couldn't cope with the travelling, I am not quite pensionable age yet, but as they have raised the age that could be any age now! But I do have some gorgeous grandchildren that make me smile, although they don't live that local to me.

    It's a good place to be when you start to recognize the early morning feeling or the aches and pains that kick in to frighten you.

    I'm going to look them in the eye and tell them they are wasting their time!

    Thanks for your time. I'll keep in touch.


  • Jeff, I'm sorry to hear about the accident on Saturday. I hope you weren't hurt. Cars can be fixed.

    I have been guilty as anyone else in never asking how you are doing. I look to your posts and responses as someone who has all the answers but tend to forget you are human too.

    Take care of yourself and breathe :)

  • Thank you Agora1, no I wasn't hurt. I was supposed to pick up a new car last thursday, an Alfa Romeo Mito, but it was delayed. So the car I was in was my 9 year old Seat Ibiza and not my 2 day old Alfa. So it could have been a lot worse. Of course now I'm worrying whether I'll understand all the modern controls on the new car and whether my satnav will work as a few days after I pick it up we drive north to my grandson's wedding in an out of the way country area. It will all be fine I know but once a worrier...

  • Hi again Jeff, I had to look up a picture of the Alfa Romeo Mito to envy. I am so into beautiful unique cars and have had the privilege of driving and caring for them over the years. Lots of luck with your new car. Enjoy the ride to your grandson's wedding. Nice wheels :) Take care and have a great time.

  • WOW thanks so much! I went to the neurologist and after telling him all my symptoms he insisted that I have anxiety and depression and that I should not waste money on an MRI. So I finally agreed. I quit my job as a computer programmer and have been going outdoors and doing all things physical and this has started to help a huge load! It takes my mind off the symptoms,, and I have times when I don't even notice them anymore and I can smile and laugh and have a proper conversation... But I guess this is not what you mean by acceptance right?

    The moments of feeling really down are becoming less and less just by doing these physical activities and being outdoors. Now and then I realize the feeling of derealization I am having and then start to panic a bit ,, but then I just say okay it is not real and then continue with what I am doing and the fear fades away.

    Is it correct what I am doing by just distracting myself from the symptoms? I start Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on the 24th of this month and am considering trying out SSRI's but am not sure yet.

    What I REALLY want to know from you is did you have anxiety and depression before? And if you did how exactly did you overcome it? What steps did you take?

    Hope to hear from you SOOOON.

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi Shay96, it's good you are making progress, the Acceptance method I described was worked out by Doctor Claire Weekes many years ago when she was a young woman studying to be a doctor and experienced anxiety disorder herself. She set out the acceptance method for recovery in her first book 'Self help with your nerves' also titled in the u.s. 'Hope and help with your nerves'. It is fairly short and eady yo read and has helped many, many thousands to recover. It is available from Amazon and I thoroughly recommend it.

    It was this book that was instrumental in my own recovery from anxiety disorder and the depression that comes out of anxiety many years ago.

    Keeping occupied whilst recovering and not getting involved with too much introspection are good things whilst recovering but not trying to forget or ignore that we have a problem, this is why Claire Weekes tells us that before Acceptance we must Face the fact we are ill. In a nutshell her method can be summarised as: Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass. By float she means carrying on with normal activities despite the bad feelings whilst practicing Acceptance.

    I think you will soon recognise yourself in her book and it will bring reassurance, understanding and a direction for recovery. I wish you all the very best on your road to recovery.

  • Hi, just finished reading your post. I'm a mother that my daughter goes through episodes like yours. I know it must be hard for you and all I can say is to stay positive. Find someone you can trust and talk to, for example your mom, friend, etc.

    I will keep you in my prayers and soon you will be feeling better.

  • You sound like me my head always feels bad dizzy and feel like I'm going to faint all I want to do is sleep tired all the time.Its depression and anxiety.

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