Anxiety/panic attack? Just out of nowhere

Hello everyone,

Is this really anxiety/ panic attack out of nowhere sat in a room speaking to a lady on an appointment and I go really dizzy/light headed it actually felt like I was going to pass out my heart started pounding really fast I left the room to get some fresh air as it scared me so much. Went back in after I grabbed a bottle of water from my car and drank it straight off I was shaking so bad. It sore off but then came back felt light headed again got in my car stupid I know but rushed home crying with fear I was about to die. I've been checking my pulse lately and it's been 63,64,65 at rest and as I was panicking it was about 100. Is this an anxiety disorder or panic attack?


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  • I have suffered w panic attacks since 9th grade. It sounds like the fight or flight response kicked in. My panic attacks do that to me as well along with the same symptoms. Very scary indeed. Only difference is my pulse gets much higher than yours

  • Well it's only recently my pulse seems so low. I don't regularly work our but I'm on my feet all day. I've had an ultrasound and ecg it all came back normal.

    Was only a couple of month ago I was in hospital with a heart rate of 194 just kept coming on, I've got to say I felt worse then

    Thanks istites10

  • Anxiety can increase severely into panic for me. (Part of the same animal, you might say) A simple question? Did you eat anything the day of your appointment or drink juice or other fluids to "feed" your body to get through the meeting? Sometimes I don't and that sometimes can cause problems. Headaches, ie. Hope the rest of this day is better for you.

  • I ate at 7.30 am the appointment was at 12 and hasn't had anything since 7.30 maybe that's why. Sugar could of been low. Thank you ptsdforyears


  • Hope that gives you some assurance that sometimes our emotions are just that...... natural responses to our life events....separate from our mental health issues.

    Took me awhile to learn that my issues with depression are not necessarily related to when I have a loss and I am actually grieving. Grieving and sadness are natural, expected feelings about a significant loss.

  • Yeah it does thank you, hopefully one day someone will be able to cure panic/Anxiety.

    I'm booked to see a therapist but on a long waiting list.



  • That sounds exactly how my panic attacks come on, lightheaded and faintinfeeling, and then my heart and mind starts racing.

  • Yeah sounds about right it's so scary. Don't know why it's happening a lot lately



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