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Having an anxiety - panic attack


So I just had an anxiety attack that turned into a panic attack. My biggest fear is passing out, so naturally anything abnormal that I think or feel, acts as a catalyst to the attack.

These usually only happen when I'm alone.

I have -as of yesterday- started feeling lightheaded/ vertigo. I notice this especially when I drive. I barely move my head and boom, it feels like the room is spinning.

I then wonder, "is something wrong?", and I try to recreate the feeling, so I can study it and understand it. I then look for it in every situation im in - afraid of it happening again and sure enough, it does. Of coarse it does, because I fear it and look for it.


Slight head fog, weird feeling in my lower legs and dizziness. Absolute fear of passing out.

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I feel you. Passng out but it is my hugest fear. I feel the worst when having to stand still, just becasue the Blood pressure naturally lowers when I do—even people with no health issues at all can pass out in situations like thi (you've probably seen pictures of soldiers standing at attention who have passed out, etc) That's why soldier and people in marching band and anyone whi is *taught* to stand is taught a bunch of tricks to prevent this like not locking your knees, keep wiggling your toes, and tensing and relaxing calf and thigh muscles. Sitting or moving around is better becasue it helps the blood get back up to the brain so you are not going to pass out when you are siting in a car...the feelings of weirdness you are experiencing there — they can be caused mainly my pressure changes in the ears etc.

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As it turns out, I think I actually have an inner ear infection. I had to go to the ER yesterday due to the symptoms above. And they seem to think its from that. Panic attacks usually last a little bit, but this was totally different. Granted I ended up having a panic attack as I was going into the hospital and all stats were fine, though I felt like I was dying.

I feel so relieved today. Very little dizziness. Thank God, I really didn't know how I was going to do it, but I feel great now

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Those darn ears! Vertigo is so scary and *feels* rotten but the cause is very benign. I'm really happy for you that it turned out to be this!!

I feel the same way, I had an anxiety attack a while ago i thought i was going to pass out.

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It's a scary feeling but I feel great today! :) how are you feeling?

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