Just an anxiety attack?

So I was driving home with my mom earlier tonight and we were talking about stuff a lot of stuff that causes me stress and stuff and the next thing I know I get this weird feeling kinda felt like I zoned out really bad while driving like I went to a different dimension (I know it sounds weird but happens) that comes over me and I get this fast tingling in my face and then I go into a full panic attack and had to pull over to the side of the road I went pale and heart started racing my lips and tongue got went tingly and my legs felt like jello so I got out and walked to the passenger side so my mom could drive and then all the fellings like vanished fast. It just scared me so bad thought I was having a stroke or something but everything is working fine with me so not a stroke. And don't think it could've been low blood sugar since I was drinking decaf soda (sprite). Anyone else have this happen? Then to top the night off I started chocking on like water and it freaked me out and put me into another panic but it all vanished fast. Idk this all just seems weird and scared me I'm only 17.


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  • I had the same thing years ago when driving with my Mother ..... she was rambling on about things and I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out with the same feelings you had. You are overwhelmed and just need to deep breathe and relax, GET MORE SLEEP, You will be fine, you just need a break from all the stresses you feel, driving can also make you feel off during these times of stress.

  • Yes this is pretty classic for an anxiety attack an panic. Not pleasant but not serious

  • I get this all the time, I get really dizzy too so had to stop driving 😞

  • Same here!

  • I agree with the others here about your symptoms being the beginning of a panic attack. What I like is that it didn't go into a full blown longer attack, that you handled it in such a way that it was so brief. Whatever your thoughts were, keep them that way in the future. Keep calm and breathe slowly the next time you feel these symptoms creeping up on you, you already know how to keep control over this thing. Remember that it can't hurt you and that you are the boss and you can squash this attack by thinking calmly and coolly about you being in control, about how you love to (insert here something wonderful you've done or a place you love to visit, a favorite restaurant or lake or ocean or whatever it might be and experience that place and the people all over again). Talk yourself through this fave experience and when you're done, so should your panic attack be done. A panic attack that didn't really happen, but got cut off as it tried to begin. Because YOU were in charge.

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