Possible anxiety attack ????

So The basics are-

I'm 16, female, had anxiety most of my life, mostly problems with feeling trapped in a situation and i have serious emetophobia (links with the anxiety also) its a cycle of important anxious, so I feel nauseous, i panic about vomiting, i feel more anxious, thus more nauseous and so on

This morning however I woke up with really bad stomach cramps, my period is due so I assumed I was just getting hit with a belter of a period. I got up and ready for school (school is also another problem, i only go for 3 hours and I sit in a room alone and do work because my anxiety is that bad)

About 30 minutes later i was about to eat my breakfast when another stomach cramp came and I couldn't move, felt like I was going to be sick, I totally panicked, my entire body started rapidly burning up and sweating so I literally ripped all of my clothes off. It was horrible I had myself so stressed.

I then convinced myself I was going to be sick because the pain was that bad, I went into the bathroom and I had gagged a few times but nothing happened, I refused to go to school and my mum was furious but there was no way I was going. Now the sweat has gone and I don't feel as sick as I did but that could be because I took paracetamol so the stomach cramps have chilled

Was I just having a complete panic attack?


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  • It sounds like a panic attack, pure and simple. It's time to see a doctor about these. This is not okay, it's too much.

  • I've never really suffered with panic arracks that's why I was so confused, it was horrible

  • Yes, they are horrible things always. I wouldn't waste any time getting help.

  • Also I have been to the doctor, I'm on 100mg sertraline and have been for a while now and I have regular counselling meetings

  • Welcome to our forum, Brightstar0109, you will learn many things from other peoples' experiences here. For example, stomach complaints are a very common symptom of anxiety disorder, that part of the body seems to be affected most. Anxiety feeds on our fear or to put it another way we feed our anxiety with fear. Recovery depends on freeing ourselves from those fears and if we can do that the bad feelings will fade and we feel normal again. You're going through a tough time but remember: anxiety is not life threatening and cannot do you permanent harm. Although you mention it causes you nausea I note that you're not actually sick which is the thing you fear happening so maybe you worry too much on that particular score. All troubles pass in the end - and so will your's.

  • Yeah that's definitely true, being sick if my biggest fear and the anxiety definitely feeds off of that to make me more anxious!!

    Thankyou for your reply

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