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Arch, from constantly checking my body I'm now waking up all hours of the night with panic feelings. Checking pulse and body all day and night. Can not get out of the vicious cycle I'm in! I have the slightest pain and the panic kicks in and I start to think I'm dying!! I've had this for so long yet feel I understand very little about what's happening to me. My body is sore from poking and proding myself especially my ribs, and I'm tired of living this life of constant worry and fear!! I'm creating situations that aren't really there and my body is mimicking symptoms... I hate you anxiety I wish I was just normal... Can I really get through the rest of my life with this big black health anxiety cloud hanging over me???!!! Just needed to get it off my chest xx


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  • This is a tip you can use....

    Live in reality. I know, it's easier said than done. I am doing this now too. But try it.. When you get a thought about how have something wrong with you, just say to yourself "that's silly thought" "I live in reality" and remember, until a healthcare professional tells you there is something wrong, there isn't. It really does help. Worrying about it won't stop it from happening... we can't control everything. Checking our pulse, blood pressure and etc every second we can won't change it. You are okay... you are doing fine. If something bad happens to you, people will get you to care. You are okay.

  • Aw thanks for the reply, I do really try to think like this and my family always say until you are told somethings wrong then it's not. Like you say it is so, so hard to convince your mind that! The struggle is real, I've been dealing with this for so long, I don't know if I will ever beat it x

  • Have you met with a therapist and/or a psychiatrist? They may be able to help. Sometimes, medication is useful. You can beat it! I'm here and so are many other people if you need to talk it out with someone who can understand what you are going through.

  • Try to find a support group.

    Keep telling yourself "they are only thoughts and thoughts can't hurt you."

    If you can get hold of this book it is great you could get it cheaply on ebay or amazon STOP THINKING & START LIVING by Richard Carlson PhD he is a stress consultant. This is one of the best books I have read and I have read a LOT!

  • Aw I'm a big reader as well, I shall have a look, thank you very much. X

  • Aw that's very kind, thanks I would like to chat, I've seen a mental health nurse he was helpful but my anxiety returned! I take medication on and off, I've had propranolol and citraplam both were good for a while x

  • Just to ask, why if they are working did you stop taking them?

  • Or take them off and on...

  • So really I take citraplam when I can and it's good for a week or so, then I stop because I start to worry about it and then I have to Force myself to start it again and then I can't, I go like that, but when i take it, it does work and I get some relief from my anxiety and then I give up again x

  • I'm afraid of medication, when I did manage to take them I could only take propranolol for a short time as they can cause problems, and citraplam I stopped taking because I get afraid of meds, I had a life threatening reaction to medication in hospital a few years back and I'm terrified of medication now, I have to Force myself to take anything x

  • I totally understand being afraid of medication. You have to ask yourself though, if you have already taken the medication and reacted well to it, why not take it? There is no reason not to take them, so many people have taken the old medications for decades and were fine. If it works for you, let it. Have a great rest of your week.

  • Your right, I have two boxes unopened iny cupboard, maybe I will. If I can get past the worst. . I hate this, thanks for trying to help x

  • Hope you feel better soon gun, its not good living with anxiety. You kinda stop knowing what real happiness is, but hang in there I'm still trying to fight of all these awful thoughts and feelings myself... We will also be

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