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Happy new year long time no see sorry not been on here had a strange week

First of all sorry I've been so busy and not so much with work but life been feeling up and down as you do I finding a pattern here every time I get busy I'm starting to get more anxiety but I should be fine as I understand what anxioty is and how it makes me feel .

Ok my week so far Monday getting ready to take the drama school to the CBBC the slammer gym and then Monday night busy running around Tuesday decided to go to Manchester felt a bit wobble and dizzy at the slammer but kept it together no gym that day got home late and tired but went well . Wednesday tired but went shopping and the gym stayed at home did not attend the adult drama club as I felt tired and anxious part of me thinks I should have gone Wednesday night felt guilty for not going

Thursday went to town and bought a new bed went and did more shopping and decided to get an early night but went up to bed and had chats on FB etc stayed awake until 12:30.

Today the new bed arrived so mad busy all day moving stuff around the house boiler playing up just life getting in the way and I've been feeling dizzy again even when I go into a shop and I've discovered that I get dizzy when I work in the kitchen what is that about I come to my bedroom to do a relaxtion this eve and I find myself on here should be doing my PMR but I only do this when I can and get the time ( should I do it every day )

I know I keep saying that I'm going to get into a routine and then I don't but I think it's the only way forward but it very hard to when I'm so busy any advise here would be most helpfull

Have any of you come across the app or website called I love panic he seems to talk a lot of common seance any way I hope your all feeling good sorry again for not dropping

in sooner lov always

Stu xx think I will do a relaxation now fewww. Hi to all

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Hi Stewart

Reading your post sent me dizzy :-D

How on earth do you keep up with all you do I will never know , would make me anxious

Oh how I wish I could get you to slow down a bit & have some time for you !

I have not head of that I love panic , I might have a look

Please relax now will you & yes I will nag & say you need to some where find time to take some time for you in your busy life :-/

Lovely to hear from you :-)





Ok ok I going to think I need to put pen to a poster slow down now boy :-)


Yes I think you do :-D



Hi stu

Sounds like you've been really busy, definitely sounds like you need some relaxation

Jules x


I pad is charging and I'm going to chill on my big new bed soon and do a full 30 mins relaxtion and breathing and them I'm going to full a sleep on my new £600 for £360 bed and sleep well with a smile on my face by the way I'm going to the gym tomz after work I might even leave work early


Hope you enjoy relaxation and sleeping in your new bargain bed, think I might goto the gym tomorrow too!


Had a very dizzy morning today came home and to tired to go to the gym I'm going tommrow deco as I've been feeling axioty today new bed is to comfy can't win hope your visit goes well or should I say went well

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Hi stu, must admit I didn't manage to go today either. Defo going to go tomorrow for a swim and relax in the sauna! Jules x


when did u last go to a pharmacy as i am using calms which u take three time in day there brillant they calm u down it because ur wanting to go out but Your anxiety keeping u in doors


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