I don't understand this

So it's been great with my boyfriend my stomach isn't constantly hurting I feel relaxed and loved . But suddenly I find myself getting annoyed at the dumbest things ! He's telling me about work and I'm like ugh ok but I still genuinely care and want him happy. And the moment he hugs me and kisses me it all goes away. I'm getting annoyed with everyone it isn't just him even my dog but it just worries me with my anxiety that oh no something is wrong but the moment I leave I'm like why are you even thinking this way stop! I hate my anxiety it gets so bad this time of year it sucks !


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  • Mine gets bad this time of year too! I hate it. You just have to keep reminding yourself it's just you worrying and everything is fine. Do something to distract you. When I feel annoyed a quiet drive can sometimes help.

  • Do you have a seasonal depression ? And you're right I just keep reminding myself it's my anxiety at work

  • Could it be depression?

  • I can guess seasonal depression but it isn't like I don't want to do anything it's like my anxiety takes over and tries to find something wrong with anything ...

  • I feel you there when you say anxiety takes over and tries to find something wrong. I wake up in the morning and scan my body like oh my what hurts today or what am I gonna worry about today.. Its an awful thing

  • omfg thats is EXACTLY how i am! I wake up and I am like ok what is wrong what am I looking for ok what else and usually when I wake up I am in such a daze that nothing is wrong and I am happy but I feel alone and miss my boyfriend. Then the day starts lol

  • I always wish time would go faster so i can get into bed and go sleep so that my anxiety for the day will be over but then when i get to bed i worry so much about what tomorrow is going to bring and when is my anxiety going to kick it and how bad isit going to be. I cant win

  • Aw love I'm so sorry ! Understand it's a thought not a feeling but a thought that can control a feeling . Talk to your anxiety out loud an ask what it is worrying about and why it is there ? It can help soothe you

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