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My Boyfriend/ Depression/Anxiety


Last I was so depressed and was having so anxiety issues. And since I was afraid to leave the house and wasn't giving my boyfriend no time he started cheating on me and when I found out it made me feel worse. Now I'm getting depressed again and I'm afraid he's going to find somebody else. Because today I was panicking and he got mad and call me some name's.

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You having depression did not make your bf go out and cheat on you. Break up with him. End of anxiety.

If he finds someone else, Good for him.

You dont deserve someone that would cheat on you and call you names.

You probably have mental issues because he treats you like shit and your body and heart are mad at you because you know you should leave.


*micophone drop*

U right been with him for 16 year's on and off and the relationship was very abuses and I been through a lot and he won me over

Take your life back

Take your sanity back

Be done with him

Ok thank u

Absolutely, take control, don't be treated badly by anyone, you deserve respect and kindness as much as anyone, his actions certainly won't help you overcome anxiety xxxx

Tamka40 in reply to suzie482

U right and thank u

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