Can i die from this having nervous breakdown dailt and everything sympthoms i can feel my body tierd in pain and head feeling so wierd

Im so tierd of this for real guys i im helping my self trying to tske the medication and going to therapy but i feel like im giving up little by little im tierd guys of suffereing and fighting this all the time my body feels so tierd in pain my vision feels unreal dream like im just so tierd i feel liek im

dying slowly with all this daily im being strong but im getting weak at the same time im so mad up upset , down at the same time depressed im drinking a one beer right now im

just tierd of this and life people i wish i can go back and change what happen to me i wish i could of just stop smoking that damn weed after that one day i been stuck this way for 5 months i do have my good days but still feel things any a day i cant be a day calm or relax at all im

just tierd guys .


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  • Sweetie don't give up! I know the pain and I know that you can feel better! Meditation will be very important to your recovery

  • yeah im done idc anymore this is trying to take over me

  • How are you feeling now?

  • im alright im just tierd of it my body hurts and im having randon spasm every where out of the blue .

  • That's me at the present moment

  • Johnnie, I know all too well how tiring and wearing anxiety can be to deal with every day. However, giving up is not an option if you ever want to get better. Each day you go through this, you get stronger, you get nearer getting back in control. It's a matter of staying strong, of always moving forward no matter how small the steps are that you take. Wishing things were different or that you never smoked weed doesn't help it just spins the wheels like when your car is stuck in mud. You may be tired, your vision may be blurred, you may feel as if you are in a dream BUT you can still move those muscles and forge ahead. Remember you cannot die from Anxiety, It's a mind game that anxiety is playing. You must be good at games at your age. The goal is to win. And you will Johnnie, out wit the anxiety demon.

  • yeah its like a demon that doesnt wanna leave me a lot or like someone did vutu on me

  • I just said the same thing to my Mom. I feel like someone did something to Me. We'll get through it. It doesn't seem like it but we will

  • Ok. Now we're talking. Father God. I come before you on behalf of everyone suffering with this horrible disorder. We know only good things come from you Lord. You are the light of the world. I pray that this darkness be pushed away in the name of Jesus. Let your truth be revealed here. I pray for freedom and revelation. Amen.

  • Hey johnnie1234, stop trying to fight this anxiety, there's no need to fight hard like you are, you just stop and accept, allow rime to pass and be patient, I'm not saying this is easy Johnnie, god knows I understand completely how overwhelming and destructive this anxiety is, but you must try and just leave it be, stop giving it all your attention, let it come as it pleases, try and carry on with your day as best you can even with symptoms, arm yourself by becoming knowledgeable, find out about how anxiety works, check out inspirational videos on youtube, but most of all..Don't try and fight....your symptoms are very unpleasant and overwhelming but they won't kill you, I've been in your state myself many moon's ago, you can get through it :-) xxxx

  • thank you hopefully i could go through it because its a daily thing

  • The more attention anxiety gets, the harder it becomes to ignore, it's unpleasant but not dangerous, check out Dr Barry and The Anxiety Guy on youtube xxx

  • i will do you take

    meds for it ?

  • No, I've been free of it for sometime now, but I suffered alot in the past, couldn't get out of bed at one point, couldn't eat or sleep, was scared stiff alot of the time n thought I must be dying, my world was turned upside down by anxiety, I was given fluoxetine (prozac) it helped lift my mood, then I set about getting to understand anxiety more, the rest is history, people can and do recover from it, even though that's hard to believe, it's true Johnnie :-) xxx

  • When you are in the grips of this disease you need help to get through

    The worst episodes. Anxiety is exhausting and ravished your entire body

    Get temporary relief with medication, get some rest if possible.

  • yeah my body is just tierd and hurts i got pain in my legs back neck and sometimes arms with out even doing anything just dont get it

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