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So, I went for my well woman's exam yesterday. I was very anxious but I have a really good and understanding Dr. As soon as he put the little brush in to take the sample, I tensed up and started crying asking him to please hurry. He said ''I'm halfway done''. It hurt! He felt around, checked me head to toe, said everything inside looked great and everything outside felt great. I left cramping (normal). Except it's the next day and I'm still cramping. It's not excruciating, but it's hurting me and I think I can even feel the spot where the dr took the sample. He sounded so confident that he told me he'd see me in 3yrs for my next one. I just don't know. I take Tylenol and my xanax, that really helps a lot. The dr told me when I called this morning that if I wasn't feeling better by Monday, to come back in. I'm scared and thinking the very worst. Like this is cancer or something. They ran blood tests and urinalysis by the way and everything came back perfect


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  • Mama1204, sorry to hear about the cramping, do go back and see the doctor if they haven't gone by Monday. But all your tests came back Perfect. So instead of spending time concentrating on illnesses you don't have, why not concentrate on the illness you do have: anxiety. And how to recover from it, which you can.

  • I'm doing my best

  • Maybe the clamp scraped you a little since you tensed up? I have one of those on Monday and I'm already anxious. I wouldn't worry so much. You had something up there swapping and stuff. It's normal to feel uncomfortable for a few days.

  • Aww I am so sorry. I agree with the others. I bet you will feel better this weekend. Tylenol and Xanax is a good combo.

    What do you like to do to relax? Maybe a nice bath, a good book, new show on Netflix or hug your pet will take your mind off the pain. So sorry, hugs and feel better soon!

  • I'm feeling a little better now but I still feel extremely tender and feel some small pain. Staying on top of the Tylenol and my xanax as I need it. Mostly just so I can sleep. I had a full blown panic attack last night because all I could think was that something was bad wrong. My mom talked me down and reassured me so I finally passed out, at around 5 this morning lol I just want those results so I can either decide what to do, or let go of this and move on with my life :( I'm so scared

  • Those results are coming soon. I am glad you got a little sleep. Hugs!

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