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Felt shivery, thumping headache , burning eyes and all achy all day came home at 1.30 pm from work and felt dreadful as if getting the flu . Went out side about 4.30 felt like I was going to pass out , really unsteady on my feet came back inside thought I would check my bp 155/95 and kept going up within 15 mins went up to 189/100. The whole time I was really sweating bad which has never happened before but my heart rate only went up to 92 ? Felt very neasueas as well .???????


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  • Is it a coincidence that your BP shot up when you checked it? Making yourself feel worse by constantly checking and worrying. You have a cold or flu, don't go overboard about it its a common thing. Go do something about it, lemsip etc, take action!

  • Jimpton i wouldn't say it's the flu , just feels like I'm getting something . But I knew my bp was spiking cause of my symptoms .

  • It's just a cold then?

  • Hello jodz x sounds like you have this virus thing thars goung around x my husband and daughter has it as well x headache hot and cold feeling really tired and dizzy x and a bad cough ti go with it x make sure you drink plenty of water during the day x don't mind me asking jodz what is your age x

  • Hi susannaylor I'm 51 yo . I have woken this morning and not to bad just feel a bit flat and just not right but no cough . But why would my bp do that and spike so high ?

  • Hello jodz x glad your feeling a little better this morning x but when you take take your blood pressure have you eaten before you've taken pressure x because it can go up higher x when you do it again do it just before you've eaten breakfast x all through the day your blood pressure changes x but give thus a try x but try not to focus on doing this all the time x it does seem a little higher than normal but it all depends on what you have been doing x I'm 64 x and I've had lots of feelings and things going on x but then again I use to put it down to my change x perhaps this us what your going x let me know how you get on x

  • Susannaylor the change finished nearly 3 years ago lol . Yer it was weird , but I know when it's going up as I get reallly unsteady on my feet , a strange light headed feeling , my vision goes weird as well and feels like I want to vomit . But I was def feeling off as I was getting the flu , but all good today . Thamx again for your support xx

  • That's good x yes this virus flu have alot to answer for x make sure you drink lots of water x keep hydrated that makes you feel light headed and un balanced on your feet as well if your nit drinking enough x you have a good day and speak soon x take care x

  • You need to sit for ten minutes before taking your blood pressure, no eating, talking if you can help it, you have to be totally calm if possible.

  • Jimtom Yes I do sit for 5 mins , still and quiet . But I can feel it going up . As I explained to susannaylor , it's weird .

  • It is weird indeed. Hope you are OK tho.

  • Thank you

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