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Lately I've been trying to break the cycle of negative thoughts, my mind tends to focus on one little thing that I feel uncomfortable with my body, like a lump in my throat for example, then I start to panick and think I can't breathe. Then I find it hard to try to focus my mind and thoughts into something else that I'd rather be doing because I'm here all worried thinking that there is something medically wrong with me, even though I remind myself that my doctor says I'm healthy, being pregnant doesn't help the situation cause I worry about the safety of my baby as well which causes more anxiety. I just want this horrible cycle of negative thoughts to end so I could enjoy this time of my life right now.

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  • You are suffering from overthinking, when you mind is overactive it jumps around like a monkey in a cage.

    If you do not understand this can happen, you just get caught up in the cycle...

    Just smile and realise your mind is just making up stories...

    Your unborn child will enjoy your newfound calm

  • Yea I guess I do, my husband tells me I overthink a lot. Honestly I think it runs in the family because my mother is the same way, so is my grandma. I can control it sometimes but other times it gets too much.

  • You can change, I did, but you have to be aware on a daily basis and slow down...

  • I do this all the time :-/

  • I annoy myself with how much It happens to me. I wish I can just focus on other things other than my impending doom of dying but it's hard. Right now I feel ok though ☺️

  • Yeah me too. I went to my gp last week to ask for help through therapy because i can't break the cycle if thinking fear of planning also to get pregnant but im to scared that my anxiety might get worse.

  • I hear therapy is very helpful, I am also considering it. I've had anxiety before I got pregnant and I wouldn't say it actually got worse, but it has been more manageable just because I realize it is just anxiety and being pregnant actually motivates me to focus on other things like what it will be like once I hold my baby in my arms, and having him for the holidays, these thoughts make me feel better. 😊

  • Are you saying you are working on taking back control of your mind from the ugly thoughts that currently controls it?

    If yes, then you should know that you will experience serious resistance from the other side- the harder to work at taking back control, the harder the other side works to resist your intrusion.

    Trying to deal with Body issues is actually much easier than we think it is. We have a naked bike ride every year all around the world, where people ride their bikes around the city, stark naked. I went there to try to ride naked but I ended up not doing it because (1) it was cold that day {2} I didn't want mosquitoes biting the hell out of me. But I rode with the group nevertheless. And as I watched these bodies around me, going by, fat hanging here and there, love handles drooping and bouncing, scars here and here, big butts, flat butts, flat chests, male breasts, breasts drooping, males with small size whatever's, fat bellies, etc There was hardly a supermodel body to be found in that group. None of the bikers seemed to go to the gym much. I got to realise there, and then that my body was perfect as is.

    As we rode around the crowded streets of the city of Chicago, people ooh-ed and aah-ed at us. Many clapped for us and screamed how brave we all were. Of course asked several times why I was not riding naked with the others, but I just rode by pretending I didn't hear the questions. Some even commented that they could never do what we were doing because they would be too ashamed etc. We rode around the city, around neighbourhoods, cars honked their horns at us, and passersby stopped to stare as hundreds of naked bikers rode by. We road for hours and eventually, we all got together at a field and partied the rest of the night.

    As I rode home that night, I became disgusted with myself. Why? Because I had spent much of my life being ashamed of a body that looked like any other body out there for absolutely no rational reason at all. Days later, I stood in front of the mirror and for the first time really opened my eyes to see me as I really am, and since then, I stopped dieting and trying to change this and that and began to live my life, loving my body as is.

    You may not have to ride with other naked bikers, but I suggest you stand naked in front of your mirror, with your eyes wide open to see you. Examine every inch of your body. As you do that, try to replace every ugly thought with a "so what"/"big deal"/ "I am perfect as is" response. Say it and mean it, and begin to love you as you are.

  • Wow what an interesting story. It's hard trying to control my thoughts, and I would say my anxiety is one thing I absolutely can't stand about myself, it is a daily struggle, but when I see my baby bump in the mirror it does bring me happiness, and motivates me to keep trying to not let my anxiety suck the joy out of my life.

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