Anxiety sucks


I'm a french 17 years old girl and i do believe i have anxiety. I've had panic attacks during the month. I often feely dizzy and lightheaded like i'm gonna faint. I almost fainted yesterday and i don't understand why i feel so tired since i've been sleeping around 7 to 8 hours per night I could feel like i was going to faint since my body felt extremly weak and my ears started buzzing. I did faint 3 weeks ago and since that day my anxiety has started. I'm on medication and i've been seeing a therapist but it just gets really hard for me. I also think i have sensorimotor OCD obsession since i'm always obsessed about my breath or my heart beat. I'm also depressed since 3 years ago, even though it got better with time, i feel like it's coming back. Life's been really hard and i've been missing lots of school classes. I'm just constantly terrified and my family doesn't really understand. I feel so ashamed of myself for missing classes since i'm not a bad student but i just feel much safer at home and some days it just is so stressfull going to school. My mother's been quite hard on me when i've been missing classes, and i understand her but it doesn't really help my condition.. We start to argue and i become even more stressed and ashamed of myself that i start to burst into tears. I've never really liked school and it's becoming really really difficult nowadays. I feel like i can't keep going like that. I'm so sad and tired everyday i don't know what to do. I just wish my family and friends would understand that i actually suffer and i don't just skip classes because i'm lazy..

Thanks for taking the time to read,

I really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day!


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  • Ananas...if you have read anything i have written to Poison Ivy, reread it again..... i will be back to speak to you. Anxiety is no different than any other disease and it is VERY real !! For this moment, i have to get back to P. I., i just got home from the Dentist....please know that I will listen, I need you people as much as you need to speak of this ~ ~ Lace : )


  • Thank you so much for responding! It means a lot T.T

    i've learned how to breath with the abdomen with my therapist and it does work, i also drink lots of water but it's just that i'm dizzy all the time.. hope it'll get better with time, i'll just keep on hoping for now and live my life the way it is. I'm really scared but at the same time, i'm so sad that i don't even care if Something happens to me anymore. Well i do care, but it's different than before. I'm kinda tired of trying ^^'

    You're a really great person thank you again!

  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this. If you're up for it Walking/running seems to help burn some of the stress off.

  • I've fainted for the first time after doing some sport so now i'm terrified everytime i go to fast while walking so running seems too hard for me at the moment.. I even have to take the elevator now. It's sad cuz i loved doing sports and now i'm kinda traumatised by that awful experience. I'm constantly aware of my heartbeat and i feel sometimes it's too low and stuff like that but that might be because i'm relaxed, but then i get so lightheaded i feel like i'll faint.. It's really difficult to deal with, thx for taking the time to answer!

  • Hi well I feel the same way I have the same disorder as you and I understand where your coming from ANXIETY symptoms suck and I got them all day every day the best thing to do is to go get looked at by a Dr so they can help you remember your not alone I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you so much! It's sooo hard to deal with, i've been to the dr so many times but he doesn't understand, only my therapist does and my sister told me that i might want to go see a psychiatrist. I don't know if you also feel this way but i'm constantly aware of my heartbeat since my first panic Attack and i'm constantly stressed and lightheaded. I'm so scared i'll faint outside and stuff...

    Anyway thx so much for replying! Have a good day/night!

  • Yea I feel the same way I get obsessed with my normal body functions also I'm always worried about my heart and breathing also blinking but for the last couple of days it's been my vision like everything seems soooooo bright and I'm starting to worry so we are both in the same boat I wish we all could get better my psychiatrist gave me Zoloft 50mg but I'm scared of side effects but I really wanna take it

  • I'm also obsessed with my vision/breathing/heart it's really the worst!! I think you should take the meds so it helps you for a liitle bit of time and then try to live without them. I'm on meds and they don't help me that much but without them my condiction would be much much worse. I'm going to see a psychiatrist soon and listen to what he/she thinks about thoses meds and stuff. I'm so glad to meet someone who has the same "symptoms" as me! It's really reassuring! Do you also feel sometimes like your body is really weak and feel like fainting? That's what worries me the most..

  • Yes I always feel weird daily even though my dr said I'm fine but I don't feel fine I wanna work and get a job but my anxiety symptoms keep me from doing stuff and yes I'm gonna start taking my Zoloft but I don't wanna feel worse if I'm on them that's my big fear is side effects

  • Hope it'll get better for you, at least you know you're not alone :3

  • Anxiety and depression are usually found together sooner or later. I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with them. Are you under a doctor's care? You need to be. Then the doctor could talk to your mom and family and explain it to her and she should understand you better. You could get the doctor's help about what to do about school and attendance and so forth. You might do better on medicine for both problems. I've been on meds for both and it has made all the difference. I have been very functional because of the meds. Now I'm off of the med for anxiety because I hardly need any of it anymore. That's the good news. So you really should see a psychiatrist and a counselor so you learn about your depression and anxiety and treatment and how to cope daily and with school and life and family. Don't stay in the dark but get informed. Okay?

  • Thanks so much for answering! i consider going to a psychiatrist anytime soon! i'm actually really excited to go and to get help cuz life is awful right now. I'm trying my hardest to go to school and it's really scary but i'm still going now. I'm on meds but they don't help so much, at least that's what i think since i'm still feeling quite bad, i've had chest pains, headaches and stuff and i'm always Dizzy. Hope the psychiatrist will help!

    thank you again! Have a good day/night!

  • Be sure to bring up those symptoms that you don't like. You don't need to live with the chest pains, headaches, and dizziness. Eventually your meds should do their job without all of those side effects. Have a great day yourself!

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