My anxiety


I have been suffering from anxiety since last year , when I first had it it was during school time almost time to go home , I was just sitting there then suddenly I felt weird I felt like I was going to fall and the room was spinning , I got up and I started walking I was feeling like I was going to fall , trying to keep my balance , that day I was worry so I called my aunt saying "I feel weird , I feel like I'm going to fall " so when it was time to go home , I waited for my aunt , I was feeling the same , I sat down and like I couldn't breath or my ear felt weird. At night I was in the car with my mom and I was feeling the same , my mom asked me what's wrong , and I say I don't know I keep feeling lightheaded and dizzy , I started crying , my mom took me to the doctors , they check my blood , my heart beat , they say it's normal , they ask me how I felt , and I told them , I felt dizzy and lightheaded and shaking , the doctors told me it's panic attack. So from then and now I kept feeling light head , dizzy , headaches , migraine, feeling off balance, for like falling down 24/7. I always think something is wrong with me , and I have a couples of friends that have anxiety or depression. My mood is up and down , sometimes I feel good or bad on the same day ,everyday. When I lay down I felt my body is floating , when I sit , stand , or walk I feel light headed or dizzy . One time I was at my cousin house I was laying down , out of no where my body felt numb and felt like I was going to past out, I told my aunt and she ask if i want her to call the ambulance and I said no ,because I knew it was a panic attack , I can't stand the hot heat I feel like I'm going to faint , and I get worry . I went to the mall with my uncle and we just kept walking my head started hurting , like a bad migraine. I cried a couple times , like I don't know why , I get sad , annoyed , irritated, angry. I get tired easily . I panic easily . My eyes get blurry . I feel numbness or tingling. I get hungry 24/7 . I feel hot . I don't like going outside that much anymore , today is was really hot , in my classroom the air conditioner is broken it was really hot , I started to have a headache, sweaty , panicking. i hate when people talk loud , my ear get sensitive , I just want to say aniexty really sucks and worrisome. I hope one day I'll get better and for the people who have aniexty. walking in school seeing people all happy and doesn't have to worry with aniexty. 😐


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5 Replies

  • Yes classic anxiety symptoms. I have all of these and yes it does suck. You could try medication, therapy, meditation. There are a lot of helpful videos on utube. Dr Claire weekes has videos on utube and a has written a book you can get on Amazon that will help you deal with your anxiety. She also has cds as well which I listen to in the car. We are all here for you as well!

  • Thank you so much , my aunt doesn't want me to take medication, I'll try to buy a book or cds if I have money

  • I hope that gradually you will feel better. I know how you feel. But if we try to ignore the problem, not to pretend that it doesnt exist, things will get better. Lets not pay attention. I am trying to do it.Sometime we will leave anxiety and negative thoughts and reactions behind.

  • Yeah I tried to do that . Sometimes it gets hard

  • Can you work out , while having aniexty because whenever I work out I get so tired easily and heavy breathing

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