confused😔😔 alot

so right after my panic attack that happened last year I'm like not the same person I used to be im more drowsy exhausted and fatigued most of the time like I can't do certain things I used to do I just get really tired like I ran 20 miles or something I still feel this way but ive been had 2 ekgs done like last year and I had my blood checked as well and it all came back normal I hate this alot does panic attacks does this. And I only had 1 panic attack btw

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  • Maybe you are just mentally exhasted. It takes time. I know that I am so damn mentally exhasted and I have to force myself to do stuff i loved to do before this nightmare started.

  • I mean im not exhausted all the time just sometimes when I feel on edge a lil bit like now then I start to worry about my heart ima hypochondriac I think I'm only 16 tho when I had my panic attack I just tend to worry about my health alot I Google stuff alot well I used to but I'm trying not to do it again or I'll start diagnosing myself with stuff but ik I have anxiety for sure

  • that panic attack gave me alot of anxiety tbh

  • You are only 16 years old??

  • yea 16 I hate anxiety alot but I talk to my therapist and my psychiatrist to help me coop

  • Keep yourself entertained by hanging with friends.

  • I'm hanging out with my cousins at the moment and im feeling a lil bit better just a bit

  • Do not Google and self diagnose, you said yourself you used to do It a lot, so you can stop, it is the worst thing for your panic attack to then think omg I have got something wrong, then panic, vicious cycle to get into, for your own sanity please be kind to yourself, you are so young and have your whole life to enjoy, can you talk to your parents about this.

  • Hey James! Anxiety does make me feel physically exhausted. That could very well be it for you too. It could also be lack of sleep, since I read you are 16 and presumably going to a public high school, and sleep is so hard to come by when you have to get up so early!

    I would consider talking to a therapist. There is no shame in help. High school years are tough at times, and anxiety does not help. I would advise talking to a therapist because it can lift a HUGE weight off of your shoulders.

    I read you worry about health. I do that too. I force myself to stop looking online, because I know that if I keep looking I will convince myself that I have every disease on the planet. My Dad spoke to a doctor and he said that the internet has been awful for the medical world because there are so many people misdiagnosing themselves nowadays.

    I thought I had PCOS (but for super good reason, like I had very obvious symptoms) and it ended up being nothing. In that case, something that very very much seemed like something ended up being nothing.

    My biggest suggestion is start talking to someone whether it be parents or a therapist. No reason to do it all alone.

  • Yea that's what ima do bc it's very hard to deal with this every single day I hate it alot but ima do what u said

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