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Does anyone have all the heart attack symptoms and all the brain tumour symptoms! I'm struggling big time atm!! I'm constantly thinking I have a brain tumour as I have weird head symptoms everyday headache constantly! Last night while I was lying in bed a had a sharpe pain in my heart with caused me to panic abit then bam I thought I was having a full on heart attack, when I have panic attacks Iv never hypovenlilated this is why I always think it's a heart attack, Iv woke today and my body hurts like mad my shoulders are very achy and my chest still doesn't feel right and I'm really out of breath with a bad headache! I feel like I'm going crazy or I'm going to die πŸ˜” Any help or advice would really help right now xx

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Hi Hun, it's health anxiety, every ache or pain I get I think the worst then we panic and think we are dying etc. your body hurts as you are so tense and tired of all the worrying! i really feel for you as I'm going through a bad time just now too xx we just need people to be there for us xx

Naddy in reply to Woozle7

It's awful isn't is πŸ˜” I feel as tho I can't talk to friends and family because they don't understand and think I'm a hypochondriac lol! But to us it is real and scary I just don't see any light at the end of the tunnel atm and just can't shake of the feeling that I'm having a heart attack or I have a brain tumour it's silly really as I'm writing it down but so hard to feel normal I envy people that feel normal lol I'm to scared to leave my house incase I pass out and die in public πŸ˜” Xxx

I have bad health anxiety its horrible I'm obsessed with high blood pressure and my heart "as far as I know I don't have problems with either" still doesn't stop me thinking 24/7 about it :-( :-(

Naddy in reply to Whizz4

My mind overthinks constantly about my heart I obsess over the colour of my finger nails to Iv convinced Myslf they are blue so it must mean I'm having a slow heart attack xx

Yup that sounds familiar but people on here do understand.

I'm in my car to scared to go into Tesco because I went this morning and had to leave, had all the heart attack symptoms plus nausea etc etc. Need to go in but feel so ill.

V hard to tell people about, they think you're mad or just making a fuss or attention seeking.

Wish me luck, and good luck yourself too.

Naddy in reply to worrymagic2013

How did u get on in tesco? It's awful that overwhelming feeling aswell as feeling physically ill πŸ˜” Hope ur feeling better x

worrymagic2013 in reply to Naddy

Well I did do Tesco. Had a meltdown when I got back. Feeling a bit better now. Have nanaged to eat some breadsticks.

Think I literally poisoned my system with stress and junk food these last three weeks because of work. I travel a lot and have been stupidly busy and just landed with an impossible deadline for a customer who is already unhappy and using a bit of kit I don't know. Great...Think that was the final straw.

Anyway. Yet again it was not a heart attack or anything like that, just stress and anxiety meltdown. Roll on tomorrow.

Naddy in reply to worrymagic2013

Blimey hectic life and anxiety, I feel your pain hope u feel better soon x

snap. i am convinced i am.terminally ill.. i am actually living like i am... i cant cope the last 4 months have really taken its toll on me .. hope u all get better soon ... health anxiety is so cruel xx

Naddy in reply to miffo80

It's awful Iv sufferd for years but now I'm getting worse I just feel so ill my heart hurts and I feel as though I will have a full on heart attack soon! πŸ˜” Xx

you.wont hun.. thats health anxiety for ya xx

Had a similar experience for months where I would have headaches and weird tingling like symptoms. It was related to my anxiety my doctor said. This reasure my worries. This is your anxiety your experiencing.

I constantly feel sick with my health anxiety it's horrible πŸ˜” then you start to think is it the anxiety, can there actually be something wrong? Vicious circle. I also suffer from emetephobia (fear of vomit) so my health anxiety normally relates to feeling nausea or pains in stomach as I worry too much about it therefore I begin to actually get the physical symptoms. Can't win! X

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