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I'm not really The Black dog but sometimes it feels that way.

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Hi there people,

I am new to this forum and just wanted to connect with others as I am quite a private person and rarely tell others how I am feeling. This may be a way of fulfilling that void. Sometimes like right now I feel quite empty and void. It's because I have just had a panic attack and get them two or three times a year. But always at this time of the year. On this occasion I nearly fell over twice with dizziness. Never had that before. So it surprises me every time with something new. I never know if it's the anxiety, depression or a medical problem! Eventually I realise oh it's the anxiety/panic attack. Now the attacks last a few days with some depression symptoms but I manage to kick it fairly quick with my Mindfulness techniques and supportive family. Hopefully I have worked out over 10 years how to reduce it to just a few days, forever.

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I too suffer from panic attacks they are aweful. You are definitely in the right place this group is very supportive have helped me a lot!

TheBlackdog, I am sorry for what you are experiencing right now but find it interesting that you seem to find your panic attacks happen 2-3 times a year at the same time. What happens during that time that might prompt these attacks to come on. I'm glad you are able to find relief with Mindfulness Techniques and your supportive family.

Many would say you are fortunate in only having this 3 times a year but I say over a 10 year period it needs some looking into. Have you ever seen a therapist or doctor or been on medication? I'm glad in being a private person you have chosen to turn to a safe forum as we are to get the support you need. I'm hoping you will use the forum with confidence and hope. Looking to find out more about these seasonal panic attacks. Feel better You are not alone

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I have depression too so I'm not that lucky! Yes I take citalopram an English antidepressant. Mindfulness really helps but I still suffer all of the symptoms of anxiety. In fact anxiety is the worst part of it. The depression is awful but I know I will come out of it eventually. With anxiety it feels like forever. Yes it is interesting it is about 3 times per year but they can last for days, weeks so it's not as simple as I described. I am seeing the doc this week as on sick leave with ir.

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I understand, I didn't mean to minimize it. Anxiety is never simple, it disrupts our lives. I'm glad you will be seeing your doctor this week. Let us know how we can support you during this difficult time. Stay positive through of all of this. There are answers. One day at a time. Your day will come. :)

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I am very positive and a positive person just not when I suffer with this! Funny that really. Yes I will come back to you. Thanks for talking.

I'm on citalopram 40 mg also how long have you been on them?

I'm on 30mg. Doc says no point in increasing it until he sees me in the flesh suffering more than he has seen me when I am "normal"! I understand he needs evidence. I just told him that I feel the panic attacks are less severe on 30mg. Been on it for about 1 year or so now. Was on 20mg for about 9 years. Not sure what will help them go completely. Really disrupts my work & family life with kids at school etc. Does that help Wyominganxiety?

It does I have been on 20 mg for a month then upped to 40 mg a week ago so I'm still a newbie but I totally understand the whole family situations and kids school stuff I have really bad anxiety when I have to go for meetings and such for my kids makes me feel so horrible because I usually do phone conference instead of face to face..

Why do you do phone conferencing babe? Why don't you do face to face surely it would be good for you or is it torture? I understand that sometimes there are certain things that make us worse. Why did you go from 20-40mg? Let me know what 40mg is like?

It's really hard for me I have agoraphobia I tend to have severe anxiety attacks when I'm in that kind of environment. I wasn't feeling any better on the 20 mg so I talked to my doc and he told me to go to 40 it's only been a week but I think it will be good had small side effects going up for a few days nothing horrible, but I already notice I'm smiling more and have a want to try to do more things

Sounds a bit like depression too if you have been unsmiley and unmotivated. I don't think the tablet increase to 40mg is supposed to have any effects for two weeks. Sounds like the docs have got the time it takes effect wrong or you are doing the smiling on your own with relief you are on a higher dose to help? All great for you either way. 40mg is the highest dose for citalopram. At least you know what makes it worse. I don't really know what makes mine creep up on me. If I did I could try & overcome it. You are lucky. I am still searching. Let me know how 40mg goes in another week!

Will do!! Hoping I'm fabulous!

Saw doc today changing meds! To Sertraline over next few weeks. Wish me luck x

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