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I'm so confused anymore

I just don't get it. I have been on Zoloft and Kolnopin for months now. I have been doing cbt and headspace. I've been doing all the things suggested but I'm still having panic attacks. All day at work today I was out of it and dizzy. Kept thinking I was having a heart attack. I can't keep going like this. I can be thinking of nothing and bam total panic attack. Will this ever end? I feel like I should become a recluse. I'm just so confused.

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I know how u feel. I don't know what to say to make it better either

Its frustrating and soo annoying. Some days I totally embrace it. I make fun of myself liie OH WOW YOURE DIZZY, SOOOO WHAT! lol . I have to keep a positive outlook on it and keep hoping one day it will be gone. I also tell myself. Well if you are really gonna die.. enjoy your day! If this is gonna be my last moment on earth I done want to spend it crying and depressed.

I probably sound like a moron lol. I will say a prayer that this willl all be a memory soon


sorry I dont know the 2 medications mentioned so dont really know what to advise. Re other support do none of the suggestions/techniques in cbt help. perhaps if not it is time to go back to the doctor.



:(I'm sorry I know the feeling!you feel so not normal and can't explain the attacks I too would have them randomly but also the derealization feeling which is scary and probably what causes the panic!i didn't always have this though never new what anxiety was up till before 3 years ago!


Hi me81 sorry to hear you're going through a bad time. Have you thought about your doctor taking another look at the two meds you're taking namely zoloft and kolnopin? I was taking sertraline(generic name for zoloft) a few weeks back. I don't think I've been so anxious as when I was taking that drug. It was an awful feeling. Doctor took me off of it and prescribed me citalopram I felt better over night. My partner thought he could literally see change over night! Wierd hey as they are both S.S.R.Is ! Thinking of you and understanding some of what you're going through. Take care Sam xx


Thanks all for your thoughts and comments. I think I'm going to try to see my gp again soon.


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