I need help :(

My anxiety (If that's what it is) hasn't been half as bad as normal.... Until now! I've woken in the middle of the night sweating! With a really odd achy feeling that i can't work out is in my tummy or my chest. I've panicked and now have a racing heart and my left arm feels numb. I haven't woken from sleep like this before and it's scaring me :( I literally think something is trying to kill me


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  • Did you sleep on your arm ? Are you getting feeling back yet ? If not, chew up 2 asprins, is your chest heavy? Any other symptoms?

  • Are you alone? Have someone with you ?

  • I have awaken with this hundreds of times. I always feel as if the left side of my body is numb. Which scares me even more making my panic worse. Try to distract yourself with something. Focusing on it makes you think about it whic makes it worse.

  • Well Having Anxiety myself i can tell why you are panicking. Do you feel your house is haunted? I have been throught these thoughts before and have woken up sweating. This may be your mind playing tricks with you from a bad dream this happens to me often especially if something happens to me in a dream where i got hurt feels numb when i wake up but it may be nothing try not to worry and calm yourself and speak up if it happens again

  • No I live with my family there is 6 of us all together. It seemed to die down.

    I've had untold tests, MRI scan of my brain, 3 ECGs of my heart, chest xrays, blood tests for clots, blood count, thyroids, diabetes, I've had blood pressure taken, neurological tests. they can't find anything wrong with me

  • That sounds as if I could be writing that.iv been fine for a few weeks then I woke up with a weird feeling in my chest ansld somch and my ii can even feel my heart neating in my stomach and I feel norsouse I thnk that is because ky heart beating so fast. I keep yhinking im.going to have a heart attack. .. hope you feel better soon x

  • Hey I read your post im writing to you because i wake up like that if I drink a lot of coffee or sweets I've stuffed with anxiety since i was 13 it's horrible but there's ways you can make it better here's my advice to you before you go to bed drink a lot of water because if you have anxiety disorder you shouldn't drink coffee soda & believe or not chocolate because there all a stimulate they all have caffeine in them which speeds the heart up & it will do it in your sleep even if you are not doing anything so my advice is cut down you're caffeine intake & learn how to breathe in though you're nose and out though you're mouth when you get your anxiety attacks it works believe me good luck

  • How are you today ? Concerned about you all night . Are all symptoms gone ?

  • Aww that's sweet. I'm feeling much better no chest pain at all today. Thanks for thinking of me :)

  • Must of spoke too soon :( I've got a racing heart I feel like I could faint! (It comes and goes) :( I came in from work and stuffed my face with crisps and biscuits I had fish for dinner... Would any of this trigger it? I've felt fine all day! :( :(

  • Please Message me CL-Rose its Fear Satin walk a lot see a phyc. Get on at least 2ml of Xanax per day I've had this disability for years I know many ways to defeat the fear and panic attacks 

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