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For a couple months now I've been very scared of dying in my sleep,if I get a headache before bed it makes it 100 times worse,because than my mind starts wondering to having a brain tumor,I used to have a severe seizure condition that only happened at night and I haven't had one in years (they just stopped out of no where) but lately I've had a new anxiety of going to sleep I have to stay awake until I pass out from exaustion at about 4 am than I wake up at about 9 with my two babies and I am exausted and honestly am just scared,and I have nobody to talk to because by 4 am everyone is asleep so I get inside my own head and feel like my chest is heavy and I can't breath and than when I make myself fall asleep I'll jolt awake 5 or 10 minutes later and when I jolt awake I sit straight up and throw my blankets off ne and run into the hallway (I don't know why) and this happeneds all night long I don't know why that happeneds bit when it does it scares me even more,it's currently 1:44 am and i. Scared and just need some advice on how to help overcome this,I'm not even sure if this post makes sense but than you do reading.


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  • If you wake up after falling asleep, then you're still alive :) Meaning you won't die in your sleep.

    If your seizures have stopped and you haven't had one for years. They'll most likely not return. Which is good :)

    Your body is exhausted and is really wanting the rest. Since you've got this idea of dying in your sleep, your mind is active and constantly thinking about it. It's all just anxiety :)

    Have you tried anything to help you fall asleep?

  • I've tried turning on soft music and laying in the dark,also having the tv on and gEttinger my mind off things,also snuggling up to son who is 1 and non of it helps,I try talking with my husband about it and he just tells me "I'm fine and to go to sleep" because he doesn't really know how to handle the's things.

  • Have you tried any herbal remedies? I take rescue remedy to help calm me down. It takes a while to kick in but it really helps. Since I'm 16, I refuse to take any medication. I also have lavender oil which I apply to my temples and wrists before bed.

    My mother didn't really understand but after I spoke with her about my worries, she seemed more understanding. People who don't really have anxiety, do not really understand as much. This is why the forum will be a great help. :)

  • I haven't tried any no,thank you for the tips,also refuse to take medication. Thank you I really needed to find a group to be able to talk about my anxiety, it's difficult to overcome by yourself

  • My mother used to be scared to fall asleep. She went on medication. Although it did help, it made her become more like a zombie as it took away her emotions.

    You will eventually overcome this :)

  • Thank you

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