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I have had anxiety for my whole life I'm 25 had it since 12. Mainly health releated anxiety. Unfortunately I did not eat the best. Eating candy drinking 9 cans of coke etc. Now I worry about my heart bc I heard a young man on the news recently died of a heart related issue due to caffiene. Since Coke has caffiene I got scared thinking this could happen to me right this instant. Thankful it hasn't and I have ceased candy intake but still drink one can of Coke. I do have tingly sensations in my chest but I am ammsuming it's anxiety as it's been 4 days and nothing and all started when I heard about that young man dying due to caffiene. Prior to that no worry or problem.

I'm pretty sure it's anxiety and I do plan on keeping to eat a lot better I had started eating at least a bowl of vegetables a day, taking fish oil, vitamins, and drinking more water which I am starting to like which at first was boring tasting.

I have also had noumerous tests done 9 months ago a ekg, holter monitor (24 ekg) a echocardiogram, 4 blood tests, and a MRI of my head all came back fine saying I might be having anxiety epsisodes. Thoughts?


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  • I might add that I really think if I went doc they would say your fine like always.

  • I seen this the other day too and it made my anxiety spike. My anxiety is always health related. I deal with heart palpitations and those are scary as fuck. I went from drinking coffee pop and energy drinks daily to no caffeine. It's possible but, taper yourself off. Going cold turkey will give you massive headaches and migraines or drink caffeine free pop like sprite or fanta.

  • Thanks for the reply & sharing your thoughts on this. I agree health anxiety is the worst. When I lived with my father he blocked web md or anything web md related. It's a scary vicious cycle and I wish it on no one

  • One more thing, thanks for the advice but Coca Cola is my vice so I am still going to drink it but limit to a can. Still bad I know but it's better than 3 or 5 cans

  • I saw that too. I am quite sure this young man had other issues going on besides a caffeine overload even with the energy drinks., which i stay far away from anyhow. People, many elderly people been drinking caffeine (coffee,tea, and sodas) daily for decades and theyre still alive. Thats my opinion. But all in all, keep doing what youre doing now if you think it will make you feel better in any way. 😉

  • Thanks for replying. Appreciate the support. I tend to agree with your assessment on this gentlemans death. The thing is he weighed as much as an adult and the amount of caffiene was high but not high enough to kill you. I read a crap load of articles were they interviewed cardiologist specialist and some have said that this was a freak/perfect storm accident as they say caffiene related deaths are rare.

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