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Skipping heart beats


I’m 34 and I’ve had anxiety off and on about my heart since I was a teenager. What worries me the most are the skipping heartbeats, heart flutters, flip flop heart beat feelings I get off and on.

I had echo, ekg, stress test, and holter monitors completed when I was 16 and 23. All tests were normal. In the past 9 months I’ve had three ekgs, an echo, and blood tests completed that were all normal.

I can just be lying down, calm, and not anxious and my heart will just start fluterring or skipping beats. I get very scared about cardiac arrest and it’s hard to believe it’s not something wrong. Anyone else have these? Can these really just be anxiety?

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Hello Yatesrp,

I have a lot of experience with skipping.

Mine started when I was very young, too. Since our symptoms started early and we are clinically fine, I think we are fine.

" cutting to the chase", I will tell you that anxiety brings it on when the adrenaline is released. We will not feel the release of adrenaline all of the time but it happens.

Skipping can be caused by a gut disturbance, or if your back is out or if you have gas in your stomach and the vagus nerve is pissed off.

I worked in a hospital for many years and was able to have every test done, and read by knowledgeable cardiologists.

They believe that this condition is a variation of normal.

Some years I am completely free of symptoms and some years I want to jump out of my skin because it feels like there is either a little pony kicking me, or a rabbit, or a bird trying to fly out of my chest.

Lexapro calmed my gut down and gave me the longest sustained relief from symptoms.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

Yatesrp in reply to Indigojoe

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by this condition being a variation of normal?

Minnie87 in reply to Indigojoe

This reply calms me down so much!!


I have had this all my life and totally understand how you feel. As young as I can remember, I would get the skipped beat or fluttery sensation. I've had every test under the sun and they said it's PVCs which is a fancy term for skipped beats and anxiety is a big culprit. They can be very random too. I've gone years without noticing any and I've gone days on end where I swear my heart is going to do a back flip out of my chest. I've learned to ignore them. Annoying but they won't hurt you.

If you look up the symptoms of magnesium deficiency you'll see it's excatly the symptoms you say you have. Buy a magnesium oil and rub into your skin daily starting with 1 spray morning and night and building up one extra spray a week. You'll soon see the back of the heart flutters.


This is normal. Healthy hearts of calm people skip beats. Healthy hearts of anxious people skip beats. If you had a holter monitor done, then you have had very, very thorough testing for a rhythm problem- and nothing was found. Anxious folks are just more focused on their heart rate/rhythm, the sensation of it beating, the sensation of a skipped beat, several skipped beats, and the sensation of "flutter", and so many other bodily symptoms. And if anything at all feels off, anxiety does what it does best: makes an emergency situation out of nothing. Let me repeat that! Anxiety makes emergency situations out of absolutely NOTHING. All the time:) Silly anxiety.

If you haven't already, I hope you'll read "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Claire Weekes. Please also listen to her Enlightenment Audio:

The other resources I really love and recommend are *At Last a Life- a book by Paul David; David Carbonell's Website, Hugo Rock's Website, and Swamy G's website (A Coach Called Life), and this amazing online essay:

All the best~!

Hidden in reply to Calm_mama

Very well stated!

I'm 23 and I have the skipping heart beats since I had my hyperthyroidism, but that was last year. Now I have hypothyroidism and sadly the problem of my heart is still happening from time to time and it's so uncomfortable 😭 I think I'm sick and have problem with my heart but the doctor said it's fine. I usually get that all the day or when I work. I hope one day it goes back to normal.

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