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Let it know who's in charge

Hope my views help someone up to a couple of days ago my anxious thoughts and reactions where always in charge they ruled me and I thought I had no say in the matter

Today I tried to really use my logic part of my brain and just kept saying it is nothing more than adrenalin no monster just adrenalin.

It's not been easy and on a couple of occasions ready to reach for the Valium

But didn't so what I am saying is it's not in charge we are. I know it will still try to creep back into our lives but we are all special and we must ask it to leave us alone.

Sorry about the rant

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Your thoughts on this are so true surviveal. We are in charge of our thoughts and more so our reaction to the adrenaline. When accepting that it is not harmful, you will no longer fear the feeling. We don't have to reach for the Valium or Xanax because our brain is a powerful drug making machine. It sends out the endorphins which not only handle anxiety but pain as well. You are right in that anxiety will always try to challenge us by creeping back when we least expect it. Do what you have to in asking it to leave you alone, get mad, get back at all the misery it once cost you. You'll win each and every time. Have a good day Stay strong.

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I so needed to hear that I'm in charge and not alone

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