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Hi All.

My name is Dave and I've just joined up as I am struggling to cope and don't know where to turn for the best. I am 99% certain that I am suffering from anxiety or depression or even both. As a rule I don't really struggle with it, It tends to get worse after a heavy night out.......I've always just put it down to feeling bad due to a hangover (run down, I'll, tired etc). Anyway this weekend was a family party and let's just say it went a little south. It caused a huge family argument and I personally did something really god damn stupid. (No one was hurt or anything, I just made a very stupid decision) any way now I'm literally shaking and panicking non stop and have been since Sunday morning. At times it gets that bad that I can feel my body locking up almost like cramp but not as painful. I can't regulate my breathing properly, one min I'm sweating the next I'm freezing, I cant eat and the thought of going outside just makes everything worse. Ive been looking online to see what's out there but I don't know what to go for.....see my Gp, counciling, support group? Anybody got any advice?


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  • Dbrown1302, well I'd suggest you consider seeing your gp first, always a good place to start, the gp can then do some standard checks, blood pressure, perhaps bloods too? in the meantime stay away from alcohol or any other stimulants, your probably full of extra adrenaline (hence the unpleasant symptoms) your body produces extra adrenaline when your brain alerts it that there maybe a threat so don't worry, your mind n body are working perfectly, your just over sensitized right now, go to your gp n get a check up first then take it from there x

  • suzie482, thanks for the advice. I've booked an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Not my normal gp which is a slight worry but hopefully a step in the right direction.thanks.

  • Definitely a step in the right direction, and don't worry too much that its not your own gp, if your not happy after the appointment you can always book in later when your own gp is available, try not to feel disheartened, recovery from anxiety is most definitely possible and that's a fact, let us know how you get on x

  • I will do, thanks.

  • Hi Dave, let me just say, first that I get you, I too suffer from anxiety and depression for many years now. I know it might feel like your on your own but your not, there have been times I think my heart is beating so fast it's going to stop, and my head is pounding, racing thoughts, and that any minute now I'm going to explode.

    It will pass.......I personally went to my GP she was ace and she put me on pregabalin. It saved me and gave me my life back. It doesn't suit everybody, but for me it really worked.

    I advise you to see your doctor, because nobody should have to suffer in silence.

    Take care, Robz

  • robbi80, thanks for the reply. I've got an appointment for tomorrow at my gp's hopefully they will have something that will help. Thanks.

  • Hi. It's possible you so already have anxiety but I'll be honest drink may well make it worse. I know. The shaking could also be withdrawal from alcohol. By all means see the doctor put your mind at rest. I have had to cut my drinking down. Some people can't drink. Is it worth these bad feelings? You probably know drink is a depressant. I know it's hard in this society. Obviously there is AA if you wanted to stop drinking. I hope you feel better soon. Sometimes it can take a little longer. I was told once that if you are depressed drinking can take you down emotionally even more.

    *I apologize I'm typing on a phone, there are some mistakes in what I have written.

  • mysmugcat. I think that the alcohol has loads to do with it as well. Its definitely on the list for things that I'm going to change. I'd rather never drink again than feel the way I do right now. Thanks.

  • Hi Dave😊 Is there a member of your family you talk to more than the rest and are more open with? Despite what happened? Maybe have a chat with ine you are close with. And maybe you could discuss it together? If you are feeling more and more anxious and you can't cope maybe then consider seeing your GP if you cannot cope or it's affecting your health.

    Take care.

  • Pinky23, in all honesty I'm probably closest to my daughter than anyone at this point. I'm just hesitant even though she is 17 and quite a mature 17 I don't want to unload this on her as I worry she has her own things going on. Going down the gp path first I think. Thanks.

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