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Here for anyone who needs it!! Lets Chat!!

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Hey everyone, I've already posted this on another hub but I just wanted to say I haven't been on here in a bit i've been working hard on myself and doing so much better then I was years ago. Everyday I've been trying to come on here and send out a bunch of replies to people who are struggling. So many people helped me when I was at my lowest on here so I love coming on here everyday to send out a bunch of replies in hopes to make someone feel heard or better in anyway! I just wanted to say if anyone out there needs to talk, wants to chat, or just wants to rant my messages are a safe place with 0 judgement and i'd love to hear from some people! Feel free to message me whenever and I hope you are all doing okay! Thank you for being here!

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Hi and thank you for being there for others, I’m going through hell at the moment, so much head pressure and then I panic which exasperated the symptoms, I just feel so lost and scared, I’ve convinced myself that I’m having a stroke or something bad is happening, just can’t seem to reason with myself or calm down, I’ve been having these turns for months and the doctors just say anxiety or ear infection. Can anxiety cause such powerful symptoms, I just don’t know. Thank you for your time and kindness. Take care

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I’m in the same position as you at the minute, head pressure for 9’weeks and it’s triggered my health anxiety and making me really low x

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It can cause this and slot more muscles tensing that's all

Hi this has been a hard day for me. My meds usually work for my depression/ anxiety but my usual meds aren’t working today. Finally took Klonipin to calm down. I feel lonely since I live alone and this site helps me since I don’t feel judged. My mornings are usually tough until I get to afternoon so I’m almost to get to the afternoon

Yeah that's great to hear. I try to do the same and reply to other people as much as I can to get a nice conversation going. Even if I don't post, I just like to read what's going on with folks. It's a nice break for me :)

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