Guilty As Charged

Sorry folks I have had to return,

I need you more than you need me.

I hated to shut down my account without proper explanation and proper goodbyes.

Tomorrow I have a big day of tests at the hospital and it started to get on top of me.That coupled with losing..Muffin .....Bertty....and MrB all of whom I admire and respect was just too much stress for me.I got very close to Bertty and had his email address so I now know what made him leave.He is alright and there is a possibility he may be back in a while.Mr B I am not so sure.I have a strange feeling that somehow I may have upset him but not too sure.

I hope he comes back too because he is a wise and helpful old owl.

Anyway I am not one to just run off and if you'll

please have me back I'd love to stay.

Old Grog



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11 Replies


    Now ban me of the site Yanki for swearing

    I am crying , so will answer more later

    DONT do it again


    All my love



  • Sorry whywhy

    I think you are stuck with me forever now




    Make sure you are

    Goodness me , cos I looked young , no need to try & age me ;-)

    Now how to get the rest back :-o


  • Sorry for swearing & if I offended anyone , it is very out of character , except on Sundays



  • Hi grog so pleased that you are back. I'm quite new here and am rather quiet. But I read the blogs every day. I get a lot of reassurance from all the lovely people who take time to offer words of support. The sprinkling of humour always brings a wee Smile Which i don't often do. So thank you for all you bring here. Hope tomorrow's tests go uneventfully and don't cause you too much stress or discomfort. Good luck. K. xx

  • SO Kind

    Many thanks



  • Hey you, next time you have an urge to disappear into the wide blue yonder will you press the message button not the delete button, please????

    We love you on here, please don't do that

  • Thanks Lizard

    I love everybody on here and promise not to do it again



  • We'll hold you to that promise, Grog, we've got it in writing, you can't deny it now!

    Welcome back, you silly old sod! :-D

    Now get Bertty back, and MrB

    Welcome back hugs


  • Hey I'm glad you're back it makes me feel so sad when people feel they have no alternative but to leave here.

    I was always hopeful a few people would re consider and come back. :) Hopefully you're the first of a few.

    Now you're here, I just want to say, please don't think for a second it was in any way you're fault that ScraggaMuffin left. It wasn't. I have her email address and she explained to me why she decided to leave. I wanted to tell you when I saw your blog but I couldn't because you'd gone! :O Basically, she left her own personal reasons, she was feeling guilty and kept saying things that she regretted later. You can't be expected to be equipped with all the answers about how to help someone. Our purpose, as users on the site, are support, comfort and friendship and I KNOW you provided that and that she's greatful. :)

    TC and kindest regards,

    Fay xxxx


    If you get in touch with one the admin members they may be able to change your name back, or connect your old blogs to your new account.

  • Thanks Fairy

    Valuable advice as always



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