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Not letting anxiety win this fight.


I am not letting anxiety win. It's like I'm 14 again, constant anxiety and scared of everything. It has returned full circle again but worse than ever this time.

Today has been better since I suffered with an anxiety attack yesterday. I've been spending time with mother. I was fine until my heart suddenly started beating and I felt anxious. I often feel like I'm losing it and want to cry. I've been holding it back and saying its anxiety because it is, just hard to tell my mind that.

My mother is supportive and has been hugging me to try and remember me I'm not alone. My friends don't really bother to ask and my other family members don't understand. Since I keep to myself, I think to myself a lot and this isn't healthy as I panic more.

Does anyone have any advice to help stop attacks? I've tried breathing techniques but this hasn't really worked. Anything would be helpful. :)

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I know that the more you try to stop attacks the more powerful the are. The more I expected them to come the more they disappeared... There is logic in that lol

To help me when the panic attacks were new and crippling me, Self talk and self reassurance was too much for me to do so I downloaded an audio/mp3 to my phone which is a Dr who specialises in anxiety talking through the panic, explaining what's happening and calms me down. I thought it was fantastic and listened to it through my earphones whenever i needed. I've since downloaded a lot of her audios to listen to. There are probably hundreds of these things available and believe me I've tried most but these were my most favourite. Would you want to try this type of thing?

It's not ideal for long term because you don't really want to develop 'safe tactics', ideally you/We just need to bring the anxiety back to an appropriate level- becoming active when we are actually in need of being alert or in danger! But these audios helped as much as having a friend calming me during the worst of it.

Glad you feel better today xx

Also now the panics are at a minimum all i experience now is a quick 'omg am i going to panic? Ok... here it goes.." all prepared- nothing much else happens. I was a wreck a few months ago. You'll get better with this, I promise.

_Reba_ in reply to daisychained

Thanks for the reply.

I've tried many things to stop anxiety attacks. Sometimes it would work but I found that it was failing most of the time. I don't want to turn to medication, even my doctor said no to it.

Anything is worth a try, I'll try almost anything to help reduce my anxiety. Since I'm starting college soon and my mothers health problems, this has made it crop up again.

I hope I'll get better too :) I know it'll soon go back to normal but it's just having to deal with it until then.

daisychained in reply to _Reba_

The website is 'excel at life,' And they have apps too, but I downloaded the mp3s from the site on phone browser. It's under psych audios and the one for panic is called panic assistance. There is loads to read and listen to as and when you want, I found it informative and 'real'. They have meditation type things on there too I've used and recommend! Hope it helps you as it did me xx

_Reba_ in reply to daisychained

Thank you so much!

I will definitely be giving this a try.

Cat33 in reply to daisychained

Great reply It's not giving panics the attention isnt it Nothing has ever happened to me either yet I get terrified of them its so daft but the feelings are rotten aren't they Hope you are better I still get them but cope now

All the best x

I feel for you as I have suffered many years, Have you tried hypnosis it really relax you its free on youtube I have been using Thomas Hall anxiety and panic it really helps, It may take few tries but you will feel totally relaxed. I hope this helps x

_Reba_ in reply to sunshine08

Thank you :)

I will try anything so thank you for the advice. I'll give it a go.

Cat33 in reply to sunshine08

I've tried Thomas Hall he's very good I love reading all the replies as there are some fantastic tips and its great not to feel alone x

Hello Reba first thing is to tell yourself you are not alone loads of people suffer from panic attacks People don't ask or understand do they Change your thinking of it If you were in pain had diabetes heart problem or whatever you wouldn't feel you had to hide it you would accept it and feel you need the same support and care as you do other illnesses I found a thing on you tube Doctor Explains Panic Attacks its very helpful There's loads of lovely videos on there too if you can take time out to listen and relax to one every day it really helps Cut down on anything sugery Walking is great too any exercise is as it gets rid of nervous energy Tensing and releasing is brilliant I hate sitting anywhere where I can't escape like a waiting room so I sit and press my feet into the floor as hard as I can (no one can see) then release it and deep breathe keep repeating it it really really works Tell yourself panic only has a limited time it always subsides its evil when it happens but it does die down Think to yourself I don't get panic attacks I get stage fright!! How many famous actors have you seen being interviewed that say that ? It's exactly the same thing that is happening to you so from today "I get stage fright I'm perfectly normal and a strong capable person and these panics are just a nuisance " Try to analyse the feelings once you see they are stupid annoying a pest ,you will lose your fear of the flipping things I also swear by Dr Claire Weeks books you can get them on Amazon plus Dr Hilary Jones Ultimate Relaxation CD I even took that to my MRI to stop me freaking out and it worked

Hope that helps a little Wishing you loads of love and luck I do so understand I keep smiling too xxxx

_Reba_ in reply to Cat33

Thank you for the reply. It is better knowing that you aren't alone.

This all started a couple of weeks back, out of nowhere I had this panic attack. Ever since then, I feel like my lungs will give up on me (even though they won't). It's horrible, almost like it tricks you into thinking you are seriously ill.

Thanks for the advice :) I am willing to try almost anything. Had a rough night and now I'm super tired. Hoping this will go away soon.

Well take it from me you are not seriously ill and your lungs will not give up on you Just sit let it pass if it's only just started then nip it in the bud and don't let this spoil your life It does trick you people think they will die but you can't die from a panic attack If you are tired and have the day to yourself them take time to just rest and pamper yourself same as you would if you had a migraine or whatever to recover from Read as much as you can about panic attacks and you will lose your fear of them You will always get your breath I promise

I had a heart scare at the beginning of the year and rushed into A&E it was awful the pain was unbelievable I have angina It was horrible but has made me stop thinking panic attacks are dangerous as they aren't Everything had a silver lining !

Please take good care of yourself today you are not alone and you can get rid if these horrible feelings just don't give them any attention

If you need a chat anytime Im here I'm a mum and grandmum so no one scarey !! I know exactly how you are feeling and nothing will ever sound daft to me I know how isolated you can feel with this even if surrounded by friends and family xx

_Reba_ in reply to Cat33

Sorry to hear about that scare. Glad you are feeling better now.

I will take it easy today :) If I need a chat, I'll pop up.

Thanks again :)

Please do its so much easier knowing you aren't alone and someone has walked in your shoes I really don't mind I'd have given the world to have had this forum when I was so poorly with panic attacks You rest and enjoy the sunshine xx



_Reba_ in reply to smjtty

That is true. If all our worries went away, then I wouldn't have all this anxiety and panic.

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