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Does anyone else feel like they just don't know who they are any more?! :-(

I mean REALLY, like you're just living in a shell and you could be anyone, like just a robot.... I don' feel depressed or even anxious to be honest I don't feel anything at all, I'm like a robot but also, at the same time, at the moment all my thoughts are racing round so fast my head just feels like a cloud of mosquitos......

Also I find it REALLY hard to feel any sort of emotion towards others, like I can't feel empathy.... I don't want to be a psychopath :-(

It's got to sometimes I want to see real tragic news or something to try and provoke an emotional reaction so I feel human again... what happened to 'me'? where are my feelings and will they ever return?

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Sorry I can't help you at all but you're not alone if that's any reassurance. You have just wrote word for word how I would describe myself.

It's terrifying. All I can say is good luck.

I'm sure something will happen to make us snap out of it.

L x


Hiya, I think that detachment is a mechanism created by the ego to protect you from getting hurt; unfortunately, detachment stops you from living your life. As silly as it sounds, try asking yourself what you're being protected from, see if you can challenge back with some kindness and rationality.


Hmm mm I'm wondering whether any of it could be due to the fact that I quit lexapro 20mg cold turkey three weeks ago. ...can anyone relate. ..?


Yeah, actually I believe we all feel like that, at least sometimes. Most of us, however, are too afraid to admit it, even to ourselves and instead we just get more busy in our lives...

When was the last time you have listened to your soul? Do you believe you have one? We tend to live in our minds and our minds can be very tricky. Frequently unchecked, it will create a false reality. Mind needs to be balanced. When you connect with the soul, mind will quiet down. You can google ways to do it. You can learn breathing techniques and meditation. You can read something that will lift your soul and quiet your mind. As an analogy, when some wires inside your car get disconnected, the car may still drive but some functions may not be avaliable. You need to reconnect with your self. Find empathy towards yourself first before you share with others. It cannot be done otherwise.

When you quiet your mind you have a chance to find your true self.


Fyi...quiting any antidepressants cold turkey can have its side effects. Perhaps you should discuss it with your doctor.


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