New here but I can not believe that this is all from anxiety... please read... dizziness/heavy head and eye pressure etc!!!! 26 year old!!

Hi guys this is my first post and in fact a long one I would say but here it is... I do appreciate any help and I look forward to giving some help as well.

Been dizzy for 3 months. Feel really heavy today I have no clue if its worse today from the three meds at once, but here is my story. Saw my regular doctor, an ENT, and a Neurologist today about my off balance feeling that I have 24/7 since March 1st with miniscule breaks in between of feeling OK. I had a dizzy spell March 1st after a night of heavy drinking, and 3 days of the most stressful event of my life splitting with my girlfreind after living together for 2 years and she took my dog from me. Still hurts me about the dog to this day. I have had panic and generalized anxiety disorder for 12 years. I am a 26 year old male. Xanax seems to help the dizzy feeling (feels like im walking on a water bed or an elevator) even looking around from the bed sometimes I can notice it, I get very nervous. I am having trouble sleeping as well the last few nights up every 1 hour or more. NONE of the doctors I saw thought I needed an MRI or CT Scan. I am deathly afraid of a Brain tumor or MS or something serious. Does this sound normal? They all pinned it down to Chronic subjective type of dizziness and it will be there as long as I worry and constantly think and look for it everyday. Prescribed me meclizine and Haloperidol 0.5mg. I definitly am dying of something and no one knows. I pace around all day thinking of how awful and heavy my head feels, and how much panic I have, and just the feeling of being off balance and dizzy. I can drive, I can do normal things MOST of the time. Yesterday my neuro sent me for a CT Scan of the head JUST for reassurance as he was sure nothing was wrong besides anxiety or something or other. My insurance wouldnt cover it, so I didnt get it. It was 3000$. So I went back and told him and he said it was only for reassurance. If he thought something was really wrong, would he have pushed for the scan. What do you feel. I am going crazy here. I am too young to be dying. I cant live a normal life. I have no idea how and if its even possible to have these symptoms even when im NOT anxious. I saw a chiropractor yesterday afternoon I think he made it worse who knows.

I just woke up 10 minutes ago, after terrible sleep... my head feels like its 90 pounds, my vision is slow when I look around, and I feel off balance and it just doesnt feel right, I cant take the feeling anymore than it is its been too long I am out of ideas!!


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  • Hi :)

    I'm sorry you're feeling down.

    What you are experiencing is anxiety and yes it can have this effect.

    Please believe your doctor,I know it's hard to believe that what your experiencing is down to anxiety.

    Have you looked into C.B.T.?

    This is a very good way of combating anxiety. I've done it and it worked for me, I'm having a few top up sessions now:)

    Check out Headspace, this is a very good website that helps to keep calm:)

    Also look into Mindfulness, there is lots of information on the internet. It's the best thing I've ever done. It does take patience and practice but the benefits are awesome!!

    Remember this when you're feeling down;

    Forget yesterday,it has forgotten you.

    Don't sweat tomorrow,you've not met.

    Instead, open your eyes to a precious gift.... Today.

    I was told this by my councillor and I've not forgotten it.

    Try and keep this in mind... Don't think ahead.... Keep in the here and now.

    Other things that may help to keep things calm are;

    Lavender oil

    Camomile tea


    Hope I've been of help:) x

  • Thank you for the reply yummi. It's so hard to believe it. This feeling in my head and the off balance feeling is constantly there. It seems to worsen with sudden movements too. I don't know why that would be with anxiety. Three months of this it's just tooooo much. I'm seeing my ENT AGAIN in two hours. It's like I can't get enough reassurance.

  • I'm afraid a seizure is next and this is a brain tumor. My hand shook this morning on it's own when I was falling asleep. And sometimes I get so lightheaded I feel I will faint but never do. Would I know if I had a seizure? I'm praying it's all anxiety.

  • Hi Your symptoms sound a lot like mine when i started taking meds.. I to take Xanax and Paxil. From your post I would say you seem to be overriding the effect of the meds. That can happen.. You have to realize that what you are taking are sedatives... So your supposed to feel more relaxed and the body will respond in this way. The wobbly leg thing is normal as all your muscles are in a more relaxed state. And yes you are desperate to get answers to what is happening I was the same and I made several trips to the hospital when things got out of my control Its normal to look to the medical profession for help I mean that's why they are there ....Good luck and lets us know how you make out you're not alone in this steve

  • Aairon,

    You would know by now.

    It is anxiety that is making you feel like this.

    You need to breathe Hun , nice deep breathes . We've all been there and know what you are going through.

    There is a website called anxiety this should give you all the information you need.

    Please try not to worry, and believe your doctors.

    I'm here if you need to chat some more:) x

  • Thank you Steve, I am not on any meds long enough besides the Xanax up to 2-3 mg a day for 3 years sometimes only 1 mg a day. The haloperidol it's my Third day. This has been three months constant symptoms.

    Yummi---- thanks for that website. I wonder if those symptoms are persistent - days weeks months years straight or just during an attack. Thanks ahain

  • Took very low doses of Xanax occasionally and found the drug, after a few hours of positive effect, made things worse. That drug, like other benzodiazepines, tends to create very quickly a sort of dependence. Ask your doctor to try to wean you of any drug under close monitoring. And try getting out of that vicious circle. And get a new dog and possibly new girlfriend (the dog will be more reliable.


  • An eye doctor wouldn't find something deadly would they? My ENT just said I was fine AGAIN.

  • Hey

    If there was anything, they would of said:)

    Try to believe what they say.

    They honestly wouldn't say you're ok if they didn't mean it.

    They said your fine so take that on board :)

    Have a look at the websites that I told you about, you won't be disappointed :) x

  • Hi. I feel for you because I have very similar symptoms of anxiety. The balance and dizziness problems everyday that vary in intensity. I have tension from legs right up to scalp. It's difficult to release the tension because when I feel off balance I tense up. I can't tip my head up or I'd fall over. It's truly horrible. I feel very sorry for myself sometimes because I want to be the person I was before anxiety got a grip. I do believe that when the anxiety goes the dizziness will too. It's not easy when life throws stressful situations at you. You have been through a lot and suffered loss. Give yourself time and try and accept your body sensations for the moment. I find that when I'm involved with tasks and busy I feel better. It's natural to feel that there's something else wrong with you - I do, too. I've asked doctors if I should be checked for inner ear problems etc but they say I don't present any others symptoms to justify this. Give yourself time. I am sorry about your dog. Take care.

  • Hi

    Anxiety is the most strange illness and the symptoms can present themselves in all different bizarre ways. I have lived with GAD since the my childhood but discovered Claire Weekes in my early twenties that transformed my ability to cope with the illness and not let it have a debilitating and disabling effect on my life. If you do one thing today or in the coming weeks or when you feel you can please read Claire Weekes books, she tells you in a way that is so clearly understood. Keep a journal of your bizarre symptoms, I do this and refer back to it on bad days and realise I got through it then, accept it and it eventually diminishes. Acceptance and not fearing your symptoms, and not seeking reassurance is definitely the key to be able to cope with anxiety, it is very hard I know I have been there, we have a choice though, let this illness take over our lives and let it dictate our every move or feed it our self knowledge, understand it, accept it, don't fear it and let it know your the boss of how you think and feel. This site is brilliant for everyone suffering with all mental health issues, the support is unconditional, im eternally grateful, Dee

  • HI,

    Sorry to her you are feeling so bad. I stopped using nerve pain medications 2 1/2 months ago which are also used for anxiety. (for some reason my nerve pain is all gone which is good) The day after stopping the medication this all started, 24/7 light head, heavy breathing, pressure on eyes. Yes, not a good feeling to feel foggy, light headed and short of air all day long. I was also diagnosed with COPD Mild (x--RAY) Again, saw a long specialist did the test they run and came out with flying colors. And I also have recurring sinus which makes my breathing even harder. So in the back of my mind I still think I could have these problems. Anyway, my Doctors believe this is anxiety so they gave me Alprazalam 0.5 once daily which did help with the breathing and the light headed (foggy) but only for a short period of time. Now they increased the amount to Alprazolam XR 0.5 twice daily. This last 12 hours and it does appear to help. Just one problem in my case, the amount is still 0.5 and if you expand that amount to be released in 12 hours it means you are actually getting 0.25mg so is not doing the same job, little better on the light headed and slightly better on the lack of air. My PCD saw me yesterday and he suggested to just take both of them during the day time ( because I don't want to increase the amount) so is the same as 0.5 but will last 12 hours which. Yesterday just to make sure I tweaked a little and instead took the regular 6 hour alprazolam 0.5 instead of the Alprazolam XR 0.5 and yes, the light headed and breathing problem was 90% gone for bout 5 hours just enough to enjoy my daughters musical concert at school. So in my opinion you should give it a try and start with a low dose like I did. I will see my Psychiatrist on Monday, which I will probably ask them to look for something that is not so addictive, even if the XR version is not so additive because it does not give you a quick boost like the other. I wonder of the doctor can give me Alprazolam XR for day time and something else not additive for nights (very lose dose). Any feedback on this is appreciated.

  • Yes what you are feeling could be anxiety. The problem is it could be other things. I have been lightheaded for 3 yrs, try that on for size. It does suck. I just found out last week that I have Vitamin D deficiency and that could be the reason I feel this way. I would say get a complete blood test including vitamins and make sure it all comes back good. If it does then try letting the anger out by hitting a punching bag. My wife cry's and that is a great release. I have also found a forum where people talk about their impacted wisdom teeth are causing the dizzy problem ( I don't understand how that could be ) Just know that you are not dying and you will be ok. These feeling can't hurt you or I would be dead a long time ago :) Try and stay positive.

  • Thanks guys I appreciate everyones responses and encouragement. I have delt with anxiety for like 12 years but just these past few months have been really rough... as you can see why... and I have quit smoking in between so that is making things a little more difficult. It is just very hard to believe that I can feel dizzy all day long, from wake to night, constant and it be from anxiety. Yes while not anxious. I know I have experienced the lightheaded feeling for years with this, but since this dizzy spell in march and I have had a few more since then... I have just now constantly felt off balance and its very uncool. Makes me not want to do anything.. I dont even work right now, I feel terrible that I cant work with my dad and help him anymore.. its just horrible. I saw my dog last night, I felt soooooo good and I was soooo happy to see my dog for the first time in like 2 months. Spent a few hours with her, and the ex was there since it was at her apartment. I want to say i do feel a little relieved since I saw my dog but then again my stymptoms are stilll here.

  • And I have been having more headaches in the last few days which makes my mind wander of course. they range from behind the eyes to one temple, to the other, to top of head to the back of head... not localized... i hope thats a good thing

  • Woke up at 3 am with a headache, kind of with my heartbeat / throbbing pulsating on the right side of my head, lasted about 10 minutes then fell back asleep, but I believe it woke me up.

  • Hi, how are you now? Your post caught my eye asexactly same symptoms and situation as me! A night after drinking I got.light headed and dizzy. Now 6 months. Also suffered anxiety for a long time.

    Didnyou get rid of your problems or find out what it was? They are thinking its my ears.

    Let me know if you can id love to hear from you.


  • I read your primary post, I ain't following the replies though coz it's too lengthy honestly. I am no expert, hence wouldn't wanna turn you to a road that ends you on a wrong way. To me it sounds like vertigo, but if that would be the case, docs would of told you.

    I guess it is anxiety, but wouldn't be sure unless you have visited a cardiologist, coz the symptoms of anxiety really go with a heart condition. Your young age doesn't really suggest that, however your eating habits will have a lot to say. You are your own judge now, however don't draw any conclusion without any medical help. Since you have had a lot of that, a Cardiologist wouldn't really a big deal. I suggest you give it a shot just to be sure.

    Feel free to talk whenever you feel like



  • I recently got over positional vertigo but my anxiety and hyper vigilant brain make me think I am dizzy 24/7. It feels like I have "motion trails" when I turn my head - like my head takes a while to adjust when I turn.

    I've been tested for BPPV now which the vestibular therapist has confirmed is gone, however, I am constantly dizzy with ear pressure in my left ear upon waking. I am scared its Menieres. I am also scared of driving. My ENT has done a hearing test on two separate occasions and told me its not Menieres and its definitely not something serious. He doesn't know what it is but says it will go away with time.

    The dizziness waxes and wanes through the day. It gets worse after I wake up. Feels like the floor is rising or I am on a boat, etc.

  • Hi, I have had the same thing lightheaded and unbalanced for 5 months already. Good days and some days really bad. I found out that I was Vitamin D deficiency and my Thyroid count was really low as well. And side affects were severe dizziness and unbalance feeling. Doctor gave me 59,000 mg of vitamin D once a week for 3 months. And took away my Thyroid medication away. That's a whole other story. We'll anyway starting to feeling better each day. Ask your doctor to check if you have any vitamin deficiency of any kind. I went and seen each one of the Doctors you have mention, they all said I had BVVP. Along with the Vitamin D deficiency. Hope that help you.

  • He I am 28 year old female did you ever get a diagnosis or was it aniexy I have all the same problems as you I feel so down 07848012694 tex me please

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