Oh No my Heart is going super fast i dont know what to do

My heart is going super fast right now i just went out side real quick and go a nervous for some reason i felt it in my head i touched my heart it felt like it stoped for a secound and i froze up and then it it starting going fast again idk if i should take a beta blocker because its going really fast but i havent took it in 4 or 5 days i only take these sometimes when i feel like my heart is out of control going fast


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  • Johnnie, and it sounds like this is one of those times to reach for the beta blocker. That's what it is meant for. Don't have anxiety rule your life.

  • should i it relax a little bit but i feel a little dizzy

  • Yes definitely relax. You got so worked up and scared that the adrenaline is running wild in you. Relaxing and deep breathing may help settle down the fast heart rate but the beta blocker would do it more quickly. Your choice Johnnie Try not to be afraid in whatever one you choose. You will be okay..

  • Should i take one any way if it calm down a little but it was going so fast my chest hurt a little

  • Your doctor prescribed them for when you have a fast heart rate event, so don't be afraid to take one. It will help you relax.

  • alright then i will

  • Feel better....go with the flow, let it relax and calm you...

    You will be okay.

  • the beta blocker wouldnt harm me right i be scared to take it

  • I know you are scared Johnnie, but you have taken it before and it was your doctor that prescribed it just for you right? If you are too afraid, it's only going to make you more anxious. If you cant you cant, then try relaxing on your own and breathe.

    Tune into YouTube and listen and watch a calming video for anxiety. That can help just as much as a pill sometimes.

  • i just took it im a little worried and feel like i cant breath im trying to relax

  • How are you feeling now Johnnie? Did your heart calm down after taking the medication?

  • Yeah im better now this is like a trick or something honestly these meds keep my heart rate where it soppost to be it feels like i cant even feel my heart beating so its beating slow i rather slow then super fast lol i meant to ask you i have sort of like a spasm on my chest where my heart is where i feel my heart beating i get these rondom spasms then it goes away its that normal or no??

  • I wouldn't think those spasms you feel is your heart but rather your chest wall muscle.

  • yeah but honestly i get them every where back legs ribs and sometimes i feel like my heart stop and i freeze up and feel my head wierd

  • Believe me, your heart didn't stop but as for the spasms you get in your back, legs and ribs can be from something you are lacking. So many people on the forum talk about magnesium, which is a supplement that helps muscles. All in all Johnnie, it can just be the tenseness you are in all day that puts your muscles into spasm. As for your head, it seems like you are sooo focused on your body that you are overly sensitized to every little thing you experience. You do need to be with your friends and enjoy being young. :)

  • Yeah your right plus i try to enjoy with friends but like my head feels wierd and my heart always wanna beat fast its make me more panick and think about alot and feeling im dying and just wanna go home or run

  • That's just a panic attack, just try breath right and focus your mind away from it by doing something you usually enjoy

  • but my heart does it mostly 24/7 its a crazy thing the metaprolol is the one that really relax my heart

  • i just got a spasm on my chest where my heart is that normal?

  • No they have a high level of safety for this type of tablet, you may feel a little sleepy depending on what one you take, but it will regulate your heart rate

  • Argo is right it was perscrided for you so don't feel bad just take it

  • Yes i would, i took propanol because of the same reasons, it helped but didn't fully cure the issue, moved over to citalopram 10mg and my palps stopped after a few weeks. Try not to worry, you are anxious, if you have medication to treat it then do take it, don't be scared as i assure you it will help

  • yeah i have paxil but i never took them i only take metaprolol when my heart is racing

  • Well if your doctor prescribed them, although it can be scary to start with you must try them. Listen to your body as you know it best. Generally beta blockers are very safe type of medication, so don't stress about using them too much ok. Were all here to support one another

  • yeah i have really bad nerves like im even panick to drink some liquor because think something might happen and idk if you cant drink if you have beta blocker in your system but i drank two beers but it was like three hours after i took it

  • Well maybe for now don't drink any alcohol until you know how your body deals with it, the medication will do what it needs to do but you must let your body adjust to it, once it does i assure you you will wonder what all the panic was all about

  • yeah so i should just drink the betablocker but after this one bottle i cant get anymore and i have paxil but its takes about three weeks tio a month to really work

  • Why cant you get anymore? Maybe you should discuss that with your doctor?

  • the problem is that they gave me the metaprolol in the ER because my heart rate and blood pressure was really high and they reffered me to a cardiologist but every test was fine just said had a little bit of arrythmia not a serious one they say to just relax because if not they might have to give me anxiety pills because its like panick attacks i get that my heart is racing mostly all the time and my regular docter say i shouldnt drink those because im young for those pills but i still take it because sometimes my heart goes super fast arrythmia fast so thats the only thing that calms it down so i take it sometimes i dont take them everyday

  • Do you drink much alcohol? That usually puts up your blood pressure, how old are you?

  • i dont drink alot of alcohol and im 20 years old all this start four months ago after smoking weed i had a 30 minutes panick attack my heart was racing really fast but my friend was calm we smoke from the same joint but i was going nuts ever sense that day i never been the same body symthoms heart racing 24/7 head feeling wierd like my vison aswell unreal or dream like but i dont get it because i havent smoked ever sense that time it happen i got four months and i still feel this way i feel like weed tirggered something or effected me my nerves are really bad and before that happen i was smoking weed for about two or three years sometimes i use to feel my heart racing when i will smoke but i wouldnt pay it no mind but that day it really hit me hard but the docters dont find anything wrong so idk what can it be everyday i feel like im just dying and my heart worries me the most .

  • Interestingly that was what caused my first ever panic attack about 15 years ago but i didn't know what was going on. Yes you're not old but if you are having palps then the medication will help your body and mind deal with it. I would certainly discuss it with you doctor and explain that yes you are young but you are worried. I think that doctor didn't take you seriously enough. Maybe try another?

  • yeah im going to try another one but what to say i dont know because you know talking to new docters that dont know you its not good because i have to explain everything plus show them the pills and see if they continue to give it to me but idk if i should see another cardiologist or just say they say im fine because you know i get chest pain sometimes and really fast heart beats not normal ones its like really fast then i try to calm down as possible

  • Well most importantly you must be honest and tell them how you are feeling, if the beta blockers worked then let them know and say you would like to try them for longer. You have been honest here and i can see you suffer and so will any decent doctor

  • yeahh did yours ever went away

  • Yeah it did once i found the right medication, i currently take citalopram but think you guys call it something else. Just don't worry, i promise you that you will get there once you have the support from a good doctor. Just be positive and honest with them, don't be afraid to say you want to try something as it's your body and only you know what works and what doesn't.

  • yeahh do you think i should see another cardiologist or no?

  • I'm not a doctor but if you need the reassurance then talk to your doctor about it. You have had one done already. Definitely sounds like you suffer with an element of health anxiety. Sometimes you have to trust the doctors diagnosis but when you chat to the other doctor definitely discuss your concerns regarding this?

  • I had the same issue where i wasn't satisfied with the results of there not being a problem with me so i ended up keep going back every couple of days. That is when i tried the medication and now i don't even think about it

  • yeah i need meds like that 🙌🏻💯

  • Well i hope you get the support you need to be able to get to that stage. Keep us updated

  • yeah thanks

  • Just shout us as and when and we will always try to support one another

  • yeah for some reason i keep thinking one of my artries from my heart is blocked or something because i was smoking weed that day and my heart wasgoing super fast its like i felt it gave me heart problems

  • You need to try and break down these thoughts. What worked for me is rather than allowing it to consume me, ask yourself what else it could be causing that and write a percent next to to it as to what the likelihood of it being that is, then come back to the blocked artery theory and see how many percent you have left to fill before it gets to 100. That way you can see the likelihood of it being that is slimmer and puts more perspective on it. I think the weed smoking isn't helping you one bit in all honesty

  • what you mean i been stop ever sense that happen tis what im saying its still happening with out even smoking like i have a heart rythm disorder

  • Oh sorry i thought you meant now. I apologise. A heart arrhythmia is fairly common. So rest assured you are not alone

  • yeah i been stoped and thats what the docter said that i have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous he never gave me meds he told me to see him in three months but only the ER gave me beta blocker because when i went it was really high

  • Agora, I'm always amazed at your generosity to help everyone. God bless you

  • Thanks rockster, we all do what we can. :)

  • Some times you do need medication to help you I agree beta blocker needs to be taken

  • yeah i take it sometimes

  • Jonnie1234 , I had a great day yesterday horse riding and anxiety was good . This morning I had a friend coming to go riding again this morning . I had brekky , cups of tea and I take water with me . I went out caught the horses then bang my heart rate went through the roof, ffs I said here we go again. I kept on with saddling up the horses but I started to feel really crook , I continued but ended up taking a xanax , I had to . I sat fora while and buy the time I was ready to ride I felt heaps better and heart rate down , not totally slow but way better . I'm so over this bullshit .

  • Well done for carrying on even when your heart was racing ! But some times you have to take medication to help to slow it down.

  • jessiejakes believe me it was hard , but I got there . I really didn't want to take the tablet but I had to . And THANKYOU 😀

  • yeah same with me i take beta blockers when i feel my heart like that it scares the crap out of me

  • Read a book called Self Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weeks. Can be bought on Amazon. Has been so helpful to me and millions of people world wide. I can honestly say the day I read this book felt it was written for me and calmed my whole body down. Explains all that is going on and takes the fear from your symptoms which is exactly what causes the anxiety. A must read for all who suffer anxiety and panic attacks. Hope it helps you guys x

  • what the name of the book because its different kinds

  • It is actually called 'Self Help For your Nerves' it was her first book I believe. It was written in the 80's I think. She went on to write others. Oh and not sure why I'm coming up as Junglebook in my replies I'm Shamrock lol never mind once the reply gets to you. Take care and have a good week.

  • thank you too 👌💯

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