Today has been very difficult for me as I have chest pains and pain on left side above my breast into my armpit it is very tender and seems to move to my back which is also tender it hurts to touch certain parts of my spine so maybe this is nerve damage? Idk but I'm so scared that I'm going to have a heart attack because I have symptoms of a heart attack all the time and I read that stress and anxiety can cause heart problems like heart attack and cardiac arrest I'm so terrified that it might happen to me. I feel fatigued all the time and I also the pains scare the shit out of me I feel like it's killing me or it's underlying issues the doctors haven't found. I've had almost every test that rules out my heart being the issue or blood clots. I'm scared that there's something else going on I can't sleep sometimes because I think I may die in my sleep due to heart failure. I literally feel like I have cancer sometimes but blood test would've show that right ? I'm asking for another echo of my heart to make sure nothing has changed . This isn't good for me it's been four months and I feel like my heart is going to give out.. I've seen so much about teens with underlying issues and then the worst happens to them...I pray for strength that this goes away I have never had a history of anxiety or panic or family with serious health issues why is this happening to me and why do I feel this way I feel like I'm going to drop down at any moment please help anyone experience this ?


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  • What you heard about teens ? plus i feel the same way sometimes my heart goes super fast and sometimes really slow when i layingdown and i touch my chest i could feel my heart but just going so slow at tome it gets me nervous so i dont touch it and just watch tv or somwthing so my mind wont be on that

  • It's rare for heart attack in teens but some have them which is really rare and my anxiety make me feel like I'm one of those rare cases. My heart does the same thing and it is so scary I feel weak after it. I'm not trying to scare you I'm not a doctor but I've had test and work done on my heart to rule out that issue. Have you seen a medical professionals or cardiologist ?

  • yeah i did when it happen i been stuck this way for 5 months been to the ER 7 to 10 times because my heart was racing all the time like a nervous feeling like i couldnt breath i saw cardiologist did alot of test like 7day heart monitor , echo, stress test running on trim mill, and aslo like a sonagram thing with a camera to see if my heart is pumping good everything came out good he said i had a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one i guess i wasnt getting panic attacks daily with my heart racing but it would go super fast i saw him threee months ago he disnt give me any meds or anything he said i was fine to hit the gym but now the three months are up now im seeing him 12th of this month but put it like this all this happen for smoking weed about 5 months ago around thanksgiving i got a huge panic attack my heart was racing really fast i couldnt calm down me and my friend smoke from the same joint but he was calm i was the only one going nuts my heart was going super fast for 30 minutes the only i calm down was by throwing up but after that day it changed my life now its been happening mostly all the time body sympthoms aswell that i never experinced before i never been through this after that one day it changed me for 5 months already and no i havent smoked weed again after that day and im still having all types body symthoms nervous aswell for nothing any little thing i cant relax my body i cant stay still twiching and moving my back in order to calm down all the time and spasms all over my body muscles i feel like that day it damaged my nerves or something plus i got mri done of my brain and it was good but idk whats going on with me and i havent smoked again after that day before this happen to me i was smoking weed for two or three years sometimes i would be calm and sometimes it would have my heart racing but i guess this time it hit me really hard im nervous of everything now i get these wierd feelings in body in my stomach to really nervous but there goes my story .

  • Weed can give a stimulation of extra adrenaline causing your heart to race then causing a panic attack . You may have developed a panic disorder if they are reoccurring..on top of that worrying causes anxiety then symptoms then it becomes a viscous cycle that's hard to get out of don't be like me and Google things because it has made my life hell I've been suffering for four months. But help is available and I've heard CBT therapy is the best way of overcoming this depending on the person . Your not alone trust me if u need to talk just message me I'm sure we are all struggling.

  • yeah thats what it did but i know everything takes time snd that was listen for me

  • Hi JozelynKelly01, it seems to me that your doctors have done a pretty thorough work up on you, ruling out any heart issues. Your heart is not going to give out on you. I think what you are feeling is more tense muscle pain which radiates to you armpit and back/spine. The nerves between the ribs are very sensitive and can cause pain known as Costochrondritis. The pain actually comes from the front chest wall which can give you referred pain elsewhere. The test is when you press on certain areas which hurt. These are called trigger points due to intense muscle tension/spasms. Heat works well in calming down the tight muscles. The more you worry about something else going on, the more tense you get. You need to start practicing some meditation techniques to help you with deep breathing which in turn will relax both your mind and your body. You will be okay. Your doctors know best. Something apparently set this off for you which has now turned into health anxiety. You may possibly benefit by talking with a therapist to get down to the root of your anxious thoughts. x

  • Thank you for this I do think it is only muscle skeleton and digestive related but I continue to think it's my heart

  • I noticed that you mentioned digestive problems and that can very well cause you distress in the chest area. Whether muscular or digestive issue, the thing that will help you calm your fears, is believing that your heart is okay. Most anxious people tend to focus on heart issues, but once it is cleared by your doctor, it is best to drop that concern or you end up in this continuous circle of fear. One step at a time, you will get there. x

  • Having fear of the heart is very common as it is a vital organ. It is very delicate to stress and anxiety, sometimes panicking will trigger the feeling of your hearts rythm changing so it is a viscous cycle we can get into. Focusing too much on that can really affect our anxiety disorder. Get some professional help ok hun good luck x

  • Anxiety and panic can cause pain on your left side, or any part of your do body to be honest. Try not to focus too much on the sensation as it is your body's reactions to panic. Are you thinking about anything just before this happens. Write down everything you feel, monitor when it is there. It does help as I do it. Try to distract yourself and see if it makes a difference. If you have had tests and they are all clear, trust in your doctor at this point, if there is anything in your bloods you would know about it. Take care and try to relax a bit ok x

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