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left arm pain , tingling fingers and hand numbness


my left arm is hurting and its tingling and feeling like my fingers getting numb or something it hurts and when it comes to hurting i think the worst plus my jaw is hurting probably to because im biting my teeth down but idk maybe not its with out me knowing but my arms is making me nervous and im laying down trying to feel my heart and i dont feel its beating super slow and my body feels wierd

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I suffer with this, i have anxiety and ibs. My doctor says my left arm is down to extremely tight muscles in my back due to anxiety, if she touches my back certain spots it makes my arm hurt. Ive had loads of tests and all come back clear as i was worried it was my heart.

Anxiety, panic and stress cause us to have tingling/ numbing sensations due to over breathing (hyperventilation) it's a big cycle and you need to try break it down in order to feel better. Make sure you're telling yourself your symptoms are because of your anxiety not because of anything else.. no other illness causes such things even though you feel like it could be a stroke etc, it's not and you need to tell yourself that as hard as it may sound right now you can do it. Also it's not normal for some people to feel your heart beating in your chest. So maybe feel your pulse on your wrist(google how to if you can't find it) don't use this as a safety technique - you'll end up making your anxiety worse but if you really need reassurance of your heartbeat, do it now and again. All your symptoms are completely normal, I have felt them all and learnt about them all. Hope this helps slightly, it's a horrible thing right now for you and I hope you can get on your way to feeling better 😁

Johnnie1234 in reply to Boole

yeah thank you inreally do want to get better .

Johnnie1234, Get to Emergency Room ASAP!

Johnnie1234 in reply to Redhots7

i been going to the emergency room they say its due to anxiety disorder because they never find anything

Yes, Johnnie, you know it's due to anxiety and you don't need to go to the emergency room again. They have told you it's anxiety more than once so you already know you're safe and it's not a heart attack or anything that needs a doctor. This has happened to a lot of people, you're not the 1st and won't be the last.

Can you slow your breathing down a little bit? You will feel tingling and numbness, and/or dizziness or weirdness when you're breathing too fast. Slowing it down should help. Can you count your breaths in, 1...2...3...and then out, 1...2...3... Find a pace that's right for you that slows you down a little and that takes the tingling and numbness away after 3-6 minutes. If you have to, you can breathe into and out of a paper bag which will reduce the amount of oxygen you're taking in. Only do that for 1-2 minutes at a time.

Do you want a list of self help things other people have tried and say they have helped them with their anxiety? I can give you that list.

Emersyn66 in reply to BonnieSue

Please BonnieSue send me a list of self help things other people have tried and say they have helped them with their anxiety.

my email address is:


BonnieSue in reply to Emersyn66

Hi Emersyn66, unfortunately, that list is lost with the death of my last laptop. It gave me no warning and I couldn't recover anything from it. I'm very sorry and wish you the best of health despite this loss. I'll keep your email and pass stuff along to you if I find it. Claire Weekes' works have been recommended to me many times but I've heard a few people disagree. You can check her out if you're interested. She might be a good fit for you. Take care!

Hi johnnie1234 I would just like to mention my daughter (adult) has that and sometimes it is one leg too. She was diagnosed with hemaplegic migraine and when she gets stressed this tends to happen to her. There is nothing that helps it but try not to get stressed and try to relax. Also she doesnt always have a headache with it. When she first had it it lasted 3 weeks but now it could be few mins or a day or 2. The hospital checked for a stroke as they do with those symptoms, and all were ok. Some doctors have never heard of it but it is worth mentioning to one. Good Luck

Johnnie1234 in reply to Hill54

yeah thank you but i think i shouldnt worry because all this happen for smoking weed four months ago and i been like this ever sense then and i got a mri done everything is fine

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