Lately I've learned about what rumination is and think I suffer from it. I've had a long history on dwelling on negative thoughts due to anxiety and depression as well as worrying about the future and stuff (I don't want to go into detail about my thoughts cause I'm too scared). Except now it's gotten worse as my negative thoughts won't give me peace. I fear for my health as this point. I REALLY want to help myself but it's hard! I don't want to end up causing damage to my health because of this. I really need help as I'm panicking. Please please please, if anyone has advice let me know. Thank you.


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  • Hi Marc0133, Rumination needs to be nipped in the bud. As soon as the continual mind chatters starts, you need to turn the "off switch" on. You do this by focusing on something else. Do not dwell on negative thoughts because they will take you down the road to the future in a scary way. It's really about mind over matter. Your mind taking back control of positive, rational thoughts. Rumination is anxiety at it's best in building up fear that opens up the adrenaline in your blood stream. It's so much easier to stop it at the beginning then to try to stop it once it escalates.

    Anxiety takes work and practice in order to rid yourself of the problem. Health problems are very easy for anxiety to take over and have you at death's door without any provocation. Be strong, stay calm and you will see a change.

  • Thank you Agora1. Good thing is I haven't been suffering like this all the time but it definitely has played a part in how I live my life. Even though I'm only 22, I fear that I've given myself health problems over silly negative thoughts. A couple of nights ago, I couldn't get to sleep because when I was having negative thoughts I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Too frightening! However I'm super glad I'm aware of this now so I can help myself. Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna work towards healing myself and giving myself happiness once again! :)

  • I'm glad you brought this subject up. I find that I do this exact same thing. It is soon exhausting. You can't sleep. You feel like your mind is racing. It just will not stop. You realize it's 4am and the alarm on your clock is going to go off in an hour. Now you're really pissed. So frustrating and depressing.

  • Hi Marc

    Please try not to panic. Ruminating is scary but like Agora said don't let it escalate, I went to a life coach and she said distraction is key to stop the flow. It is not the truth in your mind, you are thinking it is, unless it has happened and is real, then tell yourself it's not real. Our minds give us the ability to use fantasy, bit like a story, unless it is actual experience, don't worry about it affecting you, or hurting you, it's just thoughts, change the pattern if you can best of luck x

  • Thanks Mumof347. To be honest it's not just the future I ruminate about but also the past. I look back at some mistakes I've made and can't help but dwell on them. I realise there's nothing I can do but my emotions have developed to just constantly focus on them even when I try to distract myself. Luckily I'm already working towards helping myself, I just hope I can do it before my health becomes in bad shape. Thank you! :)

  • Hi Marco, ah I know what you mean, I am like that at times. We can't really take much from the past but, only life experiences and to move forward, not that easy I know as when that was said to me I thought but how? Well I learnt to accept what's done is done and how would I feel if I was still in the past, going through what was, back then, not good huh? Will those mistakes help you to learn by them and become stronger, or will they rule your life and make you miserable. I know it's easy to say all this but I have begun to realise that the past is what makes us who we are but if we don't enjoy being this way we have to change for our own sanity xx

  • Yeah, I also still hold grudges to some people in the past that I'm learning to let go of. Do you also get that moment where when you finally find something to make you happy, anxiety comes in full force to giving you intrusive thoughts to suck you away from that happiness. I know I do, it's like it tries so hard to make you miserable!

  • Yeah exactly that, I'm the same, if I feel happy, I worry it won't last as all my life I have had this doubt, I'm saying one thing and it is saying another to ruin everything

  • I do this I'm not sure if it's my ADHD making it worse though. Well I procrastinate too. What I do is I try to come on here now so I'm talking to people who have the same things then I get it out so I can do things. I'm trying it cos I do this way too much. Yeah try to keep busy or at least talking to people so not thinking to much. It's awful isn't it?! I find writing things down helps too so try that see if it helps you get it out.

  • Hi Anxiouspony12

    I too procrastinate and I get frustrated with myself, but I think oh well, that's me lol. I have been like it a long time and I have just accepted it, I guess I can improve but if it's not making things harder I don't worry. I tend to feel like everything is so much worse than it is, like over exaggeration, that bugs me a lot. As much as I try to tell myself it is not as big as I see it, the feeling is still there, talking myself round is exhausting, convincing myself over and over, makes me tired. Viscous circle I can get into sometimes :-)

  • Oh yes I know that only too well. I realize I go around in circles that way and drive myself crazy so to speak. So I now make lists & try to do things on them each day. Then I feel if I achieve some of those things that's good enough for today. Even if it's just going to an appointment or having a walk. lol.

  • Yep I can relate to that, writing things down will last a short time them I don't maintain it, I do struggle with consistency same with most things

  • i know what you mean. I just read that with ADHD have to make lists so I just do it all the time now. I forget everything if I don't!

  • That's good, yes I must admit I'm forgetful and it annoys me lol

  • Making appointments was one thing I used to dread and not go to, but now I am much better and appreciate the help as I do ask for it...the easy way is not always the best way, like staying in, then telling yourself you need to get out and push yourself but that can be difficult if you hit that wall

  • Yeah exactly. I keep appointments if I write them down and remember where I put them! Otherwise I forget about them and turn panic later but I'm getting better at that now I think.

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